Assembled Collapsible Support Struts Stainless Steel 1" x 6'

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Collapsible support struts 1" stainless steel, 6 feet long. Locking sleeves protect the hinges when under load, giving them full structural strength. Patented design allows struts to fold flat for minimum storage space.

Prefabricated folding struts are stainless hinges secured in stainless tubing using stainless roll-pins. An oversized sleeve member slides over the hinge area/joint and is locked in place using two spring ball end-stops. This creates a secure joint which cannot be accidentally dislodged and which is fully load bearing.

72-inch struts are available in 7/8” and 1” tubing with center hinges. Sold Each.

Two (2) Eye Ends & Two (2) Side Mounts are recommended for proper installation (not included).


Installing Grab Rails Using Collapsible Struts

Installing the collapsible grab rails on the dodger and how it works.

Installing Rigid Support Struts

How to install a rigid support strut to the frame and deck of your boat. Rigid struts take the place of webbing straps to support dodger and bimini frames. The use of these struts greatly increases the strength of the frames at the cost of quick and easy knockdown. However, if you use a flat mount plate with a quick release pin it can struts can be removed quickly.

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