Width:55 inches
Weight:0.75 ounces per square foot
Thickness (uncompressed):3/4 inch
Thickness (compressed):1/8 inch
Sale Unit:Sold per linear yard


  • 100% polyester
  • Non-allergenic
  • Mildew resistant
  • Drains well


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Top quality. Better than anything at the fabric store.


This is first quality material. Watch the SailRite videos and use it like they say. Do use the 3M "Super 90" spray contact adhesive. It's much better than the 77.

A good thick batting. Makes my cushions look great!

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The batting really makes my cushions look great. I checked other sources for a cheaper supply- I found a few “cheaper” products but be warned- they are cheaper in price for a reason- generally the thickness of interior products is much less (as little as 0.25inch). Batting is there for a reason- to plump up the foam and remove wrinkles from your project so its worth the investment. One think I like about the batting is it’s very easy to work with- you can stretch and compress the material in just about any manner you wish. When I was making my first cushions it was extremely careful about cutting the material, only to find out later how easy it is to stretch or compress. Even if you try to make exact measurements before glueing you will quickly find that just moving the material around will impact the dimensions (even a small amount of tension will stretch the material). I decided to use the 3M high strength 90 spray on adhesive. This glue has been working very well to adhere the batting to the foam. Another thing to note: its easy to tear the batting, so be careful when zipping your cushion. You can easily tear off bits and pieces of the fabric. To avoid that you can: 1. be careful when zipping/handling, 2. use a silk wrap like Sailrite recommends, 3. sew a flap of material to protect the batting from excessive damage.

Add this for a finished look

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I used this after seeing the sailrite how to video on my cushions for my boat. The video is right it really does make the difference in making your cushion more comfortable to sit on and more inviting to look at. This was my most pro upholstery yet. The batting rolled out evenly and was easy to work with. So far it's holding up well and I would buy it again for that finished look!

Batting for swing set.

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The batting was ok, but I had to double it because it was to thin.