Make sure that your marine cordage situation is in great shape with leech line, rope, shock cord and wire from Sailrite. Whether you’re looking for a practical upgrade to your sailing line or want to incorporate genuine sailing rope into your next nautical craft project, Sailrite has the perfect solution for you. We only offer the best-of-the-best sailing lines and ropes, including rope by New England Ropes and Suncor. We have cordage that offers high-performance in sailing-specific applications (including rope for furling, jibsheets and halyards) as well as general marine cordage that can be used for anchor lines, awnings, dock lines and more.

Sailrite carries marine rope in all of the industry’s most advanced materials, including Dacron, Dyneema, Technora, nylon, polyester and polypropylene. Choosing which type of cordage to buy really depends on your specific application. For example, if you need high strength and very low stretch, Dyneema is an excellent choice. If you need a practical solution for dock and anchor lines, then shock-absorbing nylon rope will do the trick. Need more information on which rope is best for your needs? Read our guide on how to select rope for your boat.

We also have a great variety of long-lasting shock cord (bungee cord) that you’re sure to make use of onboard. Shock cord is great for furling systems, jiffy reefing ties, luff reinforcement in small sails and other sailing-specific applications and as all-purpose tie-downs and securing rope. You’ll also find stainless steel wire rope in our selection. These corrosion-resistant and super-durable wires are great for lifelines on your boat as well as hanging canopies and other architectural applications. All of our cordage comes in multiple sizes to suit your particular applications. We’re proud to supply a large selection of New England Ropes cordage, including the popular New England Ropes Spyderline, Sta-Set and Classic braided ropes, at