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A hotknife is a helpful tool that creates clean cuts without fraying or unraveling in synthetic fabrics and other synthetic materials like rope and webbing. These tools use high-heat to cut and heat seal the edges of the material as they go. We offer the Sailrite Edge Hotknife, which is a user-friendly hotknife package that includes a carrying case, cutting foot, R-blade and more. We also offer other hotknife options as well as hotknife accessories including specialty cutting feet, tips and screws.

The Sailrite Edge Hotknife is a great tool to have on hand for canvasworkers, sailmakers and crafters alike. This simple, easy-to-use tool easily cuts and heat-seals the edges of materials that would typically unravel when cut with scissors. If you’re working with rope, webbing, bands, acrylic, nylon, polyester or other synthetic fabrics that are likely to unravel, the Sailrite Hotknife will help you create a clean, crisp cut. This tool is trigger-operated and heats in just a few seconds. Cruisers love the Edge Hotknife because it features a max power draw of 60 watts, so it can easily run off of your inverter. Buy the Sailrite Edge Hotknife as part of a bundle that includes the knife, an R-blade, a cutting foot, a wire brush, a hex key and a plastic carrying case.

If you already own our hotknife, upgrade it with hotknife accessories from We offer a great selection of hotknife blades, including F-blades that feature a wider cutting area to quickly and easily cut webbing, rope, and narrow tapes and trim. Additionally, we offer a cutting foot for the Sailrite Edge Hotknife that eliminates the need for a sacrificial cutting surface — cut canvas right on your worktable or slice through webbing while out on your boat. If you aren’t sure which hotknife or accessories is best for your needs, don’t hesitate to contact Sailrite for more information.