How to Make a Sail Pack Video

# X-HT-200598
How to Make a Sail Pack video contains step-by-step sewing instructions to help make building a sail pack easy and affordable. A sail pack mainsail cover (also known as Stack Pack®, Lazy Pack, and Mack Pack®) is a popular adaptation of a standard mainsail cover that is used in conjunction with lazy jacks to make dousing and covering a mainsail quick and easy. Simply drop the sail and zip the cover panels shut. The two halves of the cover attach below the foot with webbing straps and common sense fasteners.


Sailrite's sail pack design features sleeves for battens or schedule 40 PVC 3/4" pipe to help keep the cover open as the sail is lowered and to reduce flutter when the sail is hoisted and the cover is flat against the sail. This stack pack also features a long zipper along the top length of the cover for quick closure an a removable forward mast boot for closing off the front of the cover.


How to Make a Sail Pack Chapters:

• Taking Measurements -- 0:48

• Creating Cover Panels -- 4:16

• Sewing Forward & Aft Hems -- 10:47

• Completing Top Zipper Closure & Pockets -- 15:40

• Sewing Bottom Hem -- 25:13

• Starting Mast Boot -- 27:02

• Attaching Lock Straps, Rings & Loops -- 29:32

• Preparing Slits for Lazy Jack Lines -- 40:49

• Finishing Cover Panels -- 49:26

• Finishing Mast Boot -- 51:21

• Optional Zipper Slider Control Line -- 1:00:19

• Materials List -- 1:07:21