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Palm Adjustable Right Hand – William Smith & Sons is an excellent quality sailmaker’s palm. Handcrafted in England, this seaming and roping palm is made for long lasting wear and comfort. Easily adjustable with a buckle strap, this sailmaker’s palm also features a large metal thrusting base with a brass cap and molded rawhide palm protection. A thumb shield protects the thumb when roping (twine wrapped and pulled hard over the thumb).

To use, position the dull end of the needle in one of the divots in the thimble. Hold the needle as straight as possible and use the palm of your hand to drive the needle through thick assemblies of canvas or sailcloth. Wrap the twine around your protected thumb to pull taut.

Sailmaking or canvas palm is available in right and left-handed versions. Choose the palm for your dominant hand. This is a right-handed palm.


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Worth the money and good quality.


All is good. It is leather and does need to be broken in. Don't worry, after using it to replace all of your slides on your sail, it will then fit like a well worn glove.

Using it does speed up the process of pushing the needle through several layers of webbing. With a little practice it becomes second nature for you to be efficient in using it.

The quality is very nice and will last many years. While I have not owned any other palm sewers this is one to buy, especially for the money.

I expect to be using it off and on many times for many years to come.