Polyester Fiberfill 15 Denier - Hollow Slick Conjugate

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Polyester Fiberfill 15 Denier is a polyester stuffing with a slick finish to prevent bunching. This cushion filling is non-allergenic, and resistant to mildew. Generally, Polyester Fiberfill is stuffed inside a pre-sewn cover of Spun-Bond Pillow Protector Fabric and inserted into a cushion or pillow fabric. Use Polyester Fiberfill as a stuffing for pillow forms, deep seating back cushions, pet beds, and other craft projects.

Polyester Fiberfill is machine washable. The fiber may bunch up in laundering, but it can be smoothed back out with your hand.

Sold in 10 lb. bags.


Polyester Fiberfill Product Video

Detailed short discussion of the fiberfill available from Sailrite.

How to Make Pillow Inserts using Fiberfill

Shows how to make a pillow insert from Spun Bonded fabric and fiberfill.

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