Size:19 ounce aerosol
Bonding Time:4-30 minutes
Coverage:31+ square feet
Container Type:Aerosol
Adhesive Type:Neoprene Rubber


  • Exceptional Bond Strength
  • Heat and Moisture Resistance
  • Not Recommended for Polyethylene, Polypropylene, or Styrene Foam
  • Designed for Bonding Vinyl Tops, Heavy Headliners and Hood Silencer Pads. Use 3M General Trim Adhesive for Lightweight Headliners or Other Lightweight Materials Where Staining May Occur


3M Super Trim Spray Adhesive - Gluing Foam

Gluing Reflex and Closed Cell foam using 3M Super Trim Adhesive.

Gluing Test for Dry Fast / Open Cell Foam

Shows using 3M General Trim Adhesive, 3M Super Trim Adhesive and A & E Contact Cement to glue Dry Fast / Open Cell Foam together. The conclusion of this video shows test results of how well the adhesives hold up when being ripped apart.

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