Size:18.1 ounces
Spray Type:Aerosol
Bonding Time:1-15 minutes
Coverage:30+ square feet


  • Clear, High Strength Adhesive
  • Great for Lightweight Fabrics and Carpets
  • Heat and Moisture Resistant


Gluing Test for Dry Fast / Open Cell Foam

Shows using 3M General Trim Adhesive, 3M Super Trim Adhesive and A & E Contact Cement to glue Dry Fast / Open Cell Foam together. The conclusion of this video shows test results of how well the adhesives hold up when being ripped apart.

Installing Vinyl Nauga Soft as a Headliner on a Boat

How to install vinyl Nauga Soft as a headliner in your boat. This video will show you the steps needed to install your own vinyl headliner in a boat.

Installing Removable Cabin Headliner in a Boat

How to install removable cabin headliner in a boat. The goal is to insulate between each of the plywood furing strips and then fashion laminate (like Formica) into panels spanning each furing pair. These panels will be covered with Naugasoft vinyl. Then we will secure them in place with Velcro so they can be easily removed to access bolts securing deck hardware.

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