Heating Time:4-6 seconds
Weight:2 pounds (950 g)
Power:Max. 60 W
Power Cord Length:9.5 feet (2.9 m)
Intermittent Operation:15 seconds
Warranty:1 year warranty*

*Sailrite warrants this hotknife (with exception of the blades) for a period of 1 year starting from the date of sale. The guarantee is given against defects in material and workmanship. This warranty is voided by improper use, disassembly, repair, or alteration by owner or unauthorized parties.


Sailrite Edge Hotknife Package Demo

What Can You Cut with a Hotknife?

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Best tool I ever bought!

Five Star Tool


I own a small business where I design and make outdoor gear- accessories for metal detectors, survival mini packs and bags for SUV's. For years I have had trouble with getting the right hot knife, I would always wind up getting "converted soldering guns" which never really seem to work well. When the Sailrite hotknife came I noticed it was heavy. Then I tried it on SCUBA web since I use a lot of that and the Sailrite hotknife cut it like butter! Love the switch and then watch it heat up in seconds. This is a tool worthy of the price and it will save me time in production. I only wish I had gotten this earlier.

Tons of uses!

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I am so glad I got this!! it has been an amazing tool for my projects. I can't believe how much I use it for boat work! I used it to help things from unraveling to shortening zippers. It does a good job of giving you a good edge. I use it on a piece of metal from the home store. I find that it has opened up a whole world of crafts and other sewing projects at the house that I couldn't do before. (like edge ropes or fix the straps on a book bag) Make sure you use it in an well vented area, the fabric smells.

Hot knife is worth the cost

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I purchase the Edge Hotknife and love it. I have only had for a week however it as made cutting Sunbrella fabric a breeze. As a mater of fact it is so easy my husband has taken over the cutting......he loves playing with new tools.

Not just for Sunbrella!

by -

I purchased this specifically to cut Sunbrella without fraying. This handles that with ease, heats/cools quickly, and is comfortable to hold. I also found an older Sailrite video (either here or on the YouTube channel) that discusses everything else you can (and shouldn't) cut with a hotknife. I've been using this much more than expected, especially on old but serviceable lines that were just not a convenient length. Quicker and cleaner than liquid whip. Another A+ item from Sailrite!

Great hot knife

by -

Great hot knife, heats fast and easy to manoeuvreno. No more frayed edged.

Glad I bought it

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This hot knife cuts Sunbrella so easily, sealing as it goes so no raveling. It heats up instantly and cools down quickly. I wish I had bought one sooner!

Worth the cost.

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I recently purchased the Edge Hotknife Package to cut my sunbrella fabric for dinghy chaps. We are very impressed with the quality and performance of this knife. It is comfortable to hold while cutting, heats quickly and cuts through sunbrella with ease! No unraveling! It made quick work of a big project. We plan to use it for our lines as well. Always good to have more than one use for a tool on a sailboat!

Great product


Excellent tool, heats up fast cuts well and easy to use

Awesome tool.


Spectacular. Cuts synthetics like butter. Great tool.

Very useful


A friend let me try his hot knife and I had to have one of my own. This works fantastic for cutting Sunbrella. The edges are very nicely sealed and do not fray. I tried to use the foot when cutting, but I do not find it very useful. It cuts slower, and still puts burn light marks in the underlying surface. It is also hard to keep an adjustment that does not touch the side of the blade. I now use an old piece of fiberglass to cut against. I wouldn't recommend the fiberglass, as it still burns it, but at least it doesn't smoke like wood. I'm looking for a small long piece of Formica. Before I bought this knife, I modified an old wood-burning set to cut with. This Sailrite knife works so much faster. It's so hot that you have to keep letting off the trigger as you work on a long cut. I put this as a must for anyone who is interested in sewing canvas and doesn't want to roll every exposed seam.

Locking Foot & R Blade – Light years ahead of Soldering Iron & Blade.

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I am an avid Sea Kayaker and have built my first Bidarka – a skin (nylon) on frame sea kayak. I’ve also made camping equipment such as a down quilt, a Whelen Lean Too Tent, and various bags.

I have wanted a hot knife for years but have been using a blade on a soldering iron. Several weeks ago I ended up with a big blister on the tip of my ring finger – that was what tipped me over the edge and I finally ordered my Sailrite Edge Hotknife.

The Locking Foot in combination with the R Blade makes cutting fabric a breeze. I kick myself for waiting so long. My blister is now healed and I am one happy guy cutting fabric with the Locking Foot and R Blade – it is light years ahead of working with a soldering iron with a blade.

Currently I am making Wallets for gifts. I use to be associated with the steel fabrication business and find there are many parallels between it and sewing. I am using a beautiful old Singer 15-91 that was my Mother-in-law’s. My next step will be a Sailrite Ultrafeed® LSZ-1 Machine.

great tool


hotknife is perfect for cutting sunbrella fabrics. melts the edge so unraveling is eliminated. makes assembly much easier.

worth the investment


item is as described and works as well as described - well worth it!

The best hotknife!

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As everyone says, a great hotknife! Threw away the soldering iron! A real quality piece of necessary equipment.

I should have bought this years ago.


I should have bought the Edge Hotknife years ago. Right now I am working on a 13 foot mainsail cover I cut in 15 minutes. I would have taken an hour to cut with scissors and another hour or so sealing the edge with a soldering iron.

Great tool, wished I had bought it sooner!

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It truly was amazing how much this tool simplified the job! Can't wait to start my next project!

Thanks for another helpful tool

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Wish I had it even earlier throughout all my projects. Plan to use it all the time now.

The Hotknife Rules


What a great product. I've built a dodger using a Sailrite kits in the past using a soldering iron with an attached blade tip to do the cutting. It worked but it wasn't until I got the Hotknife for some new projects that I found out what I was missing. It heats up quickly and maneuvers around curves and corners with ease.

The edge Hot Knife

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This is a great product and works excellent on fabrics that ravel like nylon. It's also good for cutting line.

Excellent tool


Cuts material like butter, like I knew it would coming from Sailrite.

Cuts fabric well, a little underpowered

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Cuts fabric well, a little underpowered. I wish there were a way to adjust heat manually.

Hot knife


Works great but is very heavy. It makes may hands hurt after using 1 hour.

Watch the YouTube Videos for Help!

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Having read the glowing reviews, I couldn't wait to try out my new hot knife. It arrived on time, the case is sturdy and well organized, and the knife goes together easily.

My *only* complaint is that the brief directions don't talk at all about what you can and can't cut with this, and the reviews had given me the impression that you could cut ANYTHING with this... which isn't quite true :) My first few attempts to cut some heavy cotton resulted in flames!!

Once I watched the YouTube videos I switched to cutting Subrella and went back to being super impressed. Looking forward to more experimentation :)

New to me Edge Hot Knife

by -

Just received the knife. Tested it today for the first time. Gets hot very, very quickly. Great not having to wait for it to warm up for cutting. Cuts smoothly and quickly! The unit itself seems well made and feels slightly heavy in the hand. The heft however shows the sign of quality. So far very pleased with how well it works!

I did not give it 5 stars only because I have not used it long enough to add the additional star.