Hatch Canopy Instructional Video

# X-HT-200482
Hatch Canopy Instructional Video is a step-by-step instructional video on how to build a Sailrite Hatch Canopy Kit (#103626). A hatch canopy is designed to protect an open hatch from sun and rain while allowing air to flow down into the cabin. The cover can be raised to increase air flow or lowered to help keep rain and moisture out. The canopy also provides excellent shade protection over the hatch.

A spring batten sewn into the fabric along the front of the hatch scoop can be shortened or lengthened by an adjustable aluminum pole to create a low or high arch to the front edge of the canopy. A high arch wind scoop allows for maximum airflow and greater angle for rain run-off. A lower arch allows the hatch cover to block more increment weather while still allowing ventilation for the cabin.