How to Make a Weather Cloth Video

# X-HT-200640
How to Make Weather Cloths video provides step-by-step instructions for making weather cloths for your sailboat. Weather cloths provide a little extra protection from wind and spray for crew in the cockpit. Made from Sunbrella Marine Grade Fabric, weather cloths wrap over the rails and snap in place. In this video, you'll learn how to pattern, sew, add snaps and install your own weather cloths.

How to Make Weather Cloths Chapters:

Measuring & Patterning – 0:24 min

Creating Hems – 1:52 min

Adding Snap Reinforcements – 4:20 min

Installing Grommets & Pre-fitting Cover – 5:53 min

Obstacle Cutouts & Fastener Marking – 8:09 min

Installing Fasteners – 11:02 min

Final Installation – 13:43 min

Materials List – 14:32 min