Pres-N-Snap Tool & Dies Demo

Demonstrates some of the most common fasteners that can be installed using the Pres-N-Snap tool (some die sets sold separately).

Pres-N-Snap Demo

Shows the Pres-N-Snap installing marine snaps.

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Snap tool

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This is a great snap tool. Every boater should have one. I install boat canvas and I have three of them. One of them is ten years old and still working like it was new. If you have snaps to install spend the money and get a quality snap tool like this one.

A Real Tool


So much easier to use when compared to those sold by the boat stores. Installs through multiple layers of fabric with ease. Well worth the money.

Best snap tool ever!


Works great I installed 26 snaps in about 10 minutes.

Great tool for the job!

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This tool has all the pressure you need with ease!

Happy snapper


Great tool so far have replaced a couple of snaps. Looking for things to put snaps on! Worth the investment.

Quality products


Thank you sailrite. You guys are the best. Products are great and the "how to videos " are a big big help. They make my projects look professional.

Excellent for rivets, snaps, fastener on-site!

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The Pres-N-Snap tool is truly a snap to use. Great utility with multiple uses . . . rivets, snaps, twist locks, anything cloth to cloth. It has spared me a couple of bruised fingers and is great to take out to the job. I do a lot of work on boats and it is not easy to use a hammer with tool and die to install or repair that broken snap, fastener or place a rivet to reinforce a stress point. A must have for those into DIY canvas work.

Snaps in a snap!


It is a bit expensive but I used it today on an outside project that included adding a lot of fasteners and the tool has all ready shined. I would purchase again. Easy to use. I have all ready lost the rubber part of the dye that holds the fastener in place but finished the job without it. I have ordered a replacement & was happy to see it was available. If the dye was a magnet the rubber gasket wouldn't be needed and the product improved but knowing I won't be hitting my thumb with a hammer as I attach buckles to my work makes the tool worth the price.

I was placing snaps on an awning and was on top of a ladder. The project would have taken much longer without this tool.

Highly recommend.

Good way to make friends!

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I have been able to help my mom and some of my friends at the dock because I have this! So many times you have a project that you can't finish with out it. Another must have tool! Helpful in getting those snaps in with out having to pound and struggle. Plus you have more options for snaps (I think the better quality ones can only be used on tools). It has made so many more projects easier, like curtain tie backs, boat camper tops, bug screens. I have so many more ideas now and it doesn't hurt my hands.

Great tool


Great tool! Easy to use and no hammering!

I use it on my sailboat and it makes installing grommets and snaps quick and easy.

Much better idea.

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I bought this for installing spur grommets. I have a project with 70 grommets, and I dreaded the old method of hand punching holes and setting them using the old dead blow hammer. This tool made the process fly by in much less time then the old way.

It also does a great job of installing snaps.

Very high quality tool.