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Good marking pencil for darker colors. Large diameter makes it more difficult to use straight edge.

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I ordered this marking pencil to use on two different materials: Sunbrella marine grade, and the black underlining material supplied by Sailrite. Regarding how well the pencil marks Sunbrella: you will likely need to stroke at least twice to get a visible line. Regarding how well the pencil marks the black underlining material: the pencil marked well with a single stroke. My complaint about this pencil is the substance is very thick (i.e. the diameter). This means you will need to leave a small gap between your measurement markings and your straight edge. The gap will need to be even thicker for the pencil housing. This makes it slightly more difficult when using a straight edge to draw a line. The white color works best on darker colors. A regular graphite pencil did not work well on the black underlining material, nor my Mediterranean blue Sunbrella. For those reasons it was necessary for me to purchase a soapstone pencil.