Install Snaps with a Rivet Tool with The SnapRite Surface Mount Stud Die

SnapRite Surface Mount Stud Die is a uniquely designed die that screws into the end of a standard pop rivet tool to quickly install stud fasteners to a hard surface. The die holds the rivet and stud in place so parts are not loose or falling off during installation, and the installation results is a tight fitting stud!

Rivet Leak Test for SnapRite Surface Mount Stud Die

<p>Rivet Leak Test for SnapRite Surface Mount Stud Die Video puts the water tightness of three SnapRite rivets to the test. Learn the differences between the rivets and see how they hold up in a water leak test to determine which will best suit your application. These rivets are for use with the SnapRite Surface Mount Stud Die to install snap studs into hard surfaces.</p>

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The perfect tool for a specific job.


I haven't used this yet, but have had the need for just sort of a tool. I fabricated something of a make do, and even considered having a machinist make a tip for my rivet gun that would reach inside the stud. That this attachment holds the rivet and the stud should prevent lots of lost hardware when working over the water. Well made, and although a little pricey, it is not nearly as expensive as some of the dies on other tools. Like they say, when you need a hammer, a screwdriver just won't do.

Expensive But Valuable Tool


Very useful tool for applying snaps in a marine environment. I used this tool to replace the snaps on the stainless steel window frame of my Sea Ray cruiser and it would have been much more difficult to set the snaps to the vertical attachment surface without this tool. It held the snap and rivet securely in place while I moved them into position on the frame. The tool also screwed onto my rivet tool perfectly and allowed for a neat, tight fit to the frame, although it was still difficult to "pop" a stainless steel rivet. The tool is quite expensive for what it is, so unless you have a lot of snaps to install the benefit might not be worth the cost.

Llittle pricey

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It works good but is little pricey