SnapRite Surface Mount Stud Die

Sailrite SnapRite® Surface Mount Stud Die

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Sailrite SnapRite® Surface Mount Stud Die is a uniquely designed die that screws into the end of a standard rivet tool to quickly install stud fasteners to a hard surface. The die holds the rivet and stud in place so parts are not loose or falling off during installation, and the installation results in a tight fitting stud!

The SnapRite Surface Mount Stud Die offers a better alternative to screw-in studs with a quicker installation process and a lower stud profile. Use to install studs to fiberglass, stainless steel or aluminum tubing, steel frame, galvanized pipe, and other hard materials that can be riveted.

SnapRite Surface Mount Stud Die Instructions:

  1. Screw die into rivet tool.
  2. Insert blind rivet (see rivet specifications).
  3. Press stud into place inside die.
  4. Rivet stud to surface using pre-drilled 1/8" hole.

Use with aluminum or stainless steel blind rivets (aka pop rivets or open end rivets). The length of the rivet must be able to accommodate the thickness of the surface. Using an open end rivet will not create a watertight seal.

When a watertight seal is necessary, use a sealing rivet (closed end rivet) to seal off the hole in the center of the stud. For extra waterproof protection, use a closed end rivet with a watertight gasket and an adhesive backed foam rubber gasket on the surface. The closed end rivet seals the hole in the center of the snap while the foam rubber gasket seals the stud base.


  • Domed head
  • Maximum head diameter: 0.262 inch
  • Head height: 0.04 inch
  • Most common length: 0.462 inch (for 0.05–0.29" thickness)
  • Minimum length: 0.33 inch (for 0.05–0.125" thickness)

The SnapRite Surface Mount Stud Die is proudly made in the USA.

Please Note: This die is designed and tested for use with the Blind Rivet for SnapRite®, available through Sailrite, and DOT® studs. Other rivets and studs may not work as well with the SnapRite® Surface Mount Stud Die.