303 UV Protectant Gallon

303 UV Aerospace Protectant 128oz (Gallon)

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303 UV Aerospace Protectant Gallon provides UV protection for vinyl, rubber, plastic, leather, and fiberglass to keep your boat looking "like new" year after year. 303 Aerospace Protectant reduces fading and the non-oily, anti-static finish repels dust, dirt, and staining. Treated vinyl stays clean longer and cleans up easier! 303 Protectant also restores faded color in gel coats and Dacron sails.

303 UV Protectant will protect and extend the life of vinyl, rubber, plastic, fiberglass, Dacron, monofilm, finished leather, webbing, clear vinyl windows, inflatables, and zipper teeth. Also works great on vinyl siding. Do not use on acrylics. Unlike many products, 303 Aerospace Protectant does not contain silicone, oils, waxes, glycerin or petroleum distillates.


Size: 1 Gallon (128 oz.)
Coverage: 500-800 square feet

Key Benefits:

  • Keeps treated surfaces looking new
  • Prevents fading and cracking
  • Restores lost color and luster
  • Powerful UV blockers
  • Anti-Static, repels smudges, dust, soiling and staining
  • Matte finish with no oily and greasy residue
  • Easy to use

To Use: Spray on 303 Aerospace Protectant and WIPE COMPLETELY DRY. For maximum UV protection, apply every 30–45 days of sun exposure.

Clear Vinyl Protection: 303 Aerospace Protectant provides effective UV protection for clear vinyl and leaves an optically enhanced finish for clearer vision. 303 repels smudges, dirt, and dust and makes the vinyl easier to clean. It also helps protect against scratching and minimizes plasticizer evaporation. Rinse clear vinyl with water before washing to avoid scratching. Wash with soap and water using a soft mitt. Rinse with water and allow to dry. Treat both sides with 303 Protectant. Spray on and wipe completely dry using a clean, absorbent, non-abrasive cloth.