Common Sense Fastener 5/8in Screw Stud

DOT® Common Sense Fastener 5/8" Screw Stud

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DOT® Common Sense Fastener Screw Stud is a high quality, nickel-plated brass stud used in cloth-to-surface applications. These fasteners are often used to hold covers and enclosures in place and have been designed specifically for wet environments. An installed eyelet and washer slide over the stud and the stud twists to secure. This stud is recommended for use in wood and fiberglass.

To install the stud, pre-drill a hole in the hard surface and use an adjustable wrench to screw the stud into the hole, or use the Single Screw Common Sense Driver to drive the stud into the hole.


  • Screw Size: #7
  • Material: Nickel-plated brass.



A. 1.467 inches
B. .762 inches
C. .673 inches
D. .513 inches
E. .828 inches
F. .538 inches
G. .343 inches