How to Recover a Lamp Shade with Fabric Video

Item # X-HT-200596

Sometimes it’s the small details in a room that help to bring color and uniqueness to a space. One such small detail is the lamp shade. So often lamp shades with decorative designs and pretty colors can be hard to find without a high price tag. Today we have a tutorial for giving a plain old lamp shade a beautiful makeover by covering it with fabric. Recovering a lamp shade is a quick and easy project (no sewing required!) that will produce stunning results.

Opening the Hobbled Roman Shade.

When selecting a fabric for your lamp shade, you’ll want to take the fabric weight and pattern into consideration. Select a thin, light weight fabric so the light from the lamp will shine through better. Depending on the shape of your lamp shade, you will need to be careful about the pattern you choose. An even drum shade (where the top and bottom diameters are equal) will work with any pattern. However, if the top and bottom diameters of your shade are slightly different, a vertically linear pattern might not be a good choice. As the shade curves, the pattern will appear to fall into the back seam. A more random pattern is best for this situation.

In this video demonstration, you will see how to pattern the fabric for your shade and how to glue it in place. Extra embellishments, like trim, beading or fringe, can be added with a hot glue gun at the end.

Materials List:

  • Lamp shade
  • Decorative Fabric (we used Waverly Seeing Spots Wasabi #676313)
  • Spray Adhesive (we used 3M Super 77 #363)
  • Tracing Paper

Tools List:

  • Rotary Cutter #9655
  • Cutting Mat #102990
  • Pencil
  • Yardstick

Have you ever spruced up a lamp shade? Let us know how your projects turn out!