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A Real Time-Saver


This stuff is great! Using it eliminates the need to pin together all the parts that you're going to sew. On a long line of stitching, that saves a ton of time. Just tape the two pieces together, and stitch them up. No worries!

Seamstick basting tape is superior for securing seams.

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I am using basting tape to secure shelter-rite to sunbrella canvas. It is working out perfectly. I tried a different brand of basting tape and it did not work at all. I am so happy I sent for Seamstick to help with this project. I am using the 1/2 inch basting tape. I also ordered the 3/8 inch but have not tried it yet. Thank you Sailrite staff for the help with solving a problem with the seams puckering without the use of S

eamstick basting tape.

Canvas tape works great


The seamstick that says for canvas makes all the difference and works very well on sunbrella. I tried the other type of tape and it failed miserably trying to hold my 22ft long boat cover seam together, but this held with no problem. Make sure you get the tape for canvas!

Basting tape

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Outstanding customer service. Product is exactly what I was looking for!


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I use Seamstick basting tape for my canvas projects.

It works well, but sometimes, I find it not as sticky as I need,

like holding two pieces of sunbrella together so I can make

my zipper location. I end up using pins.