Common Sense 2 Prong Stud Key CC

DOT® Common Sense 2 Prong Stud

Item #: 777015

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This DOT® 2 Prong Stud is used in the Cloth-to-Cloth Common Sense Fasteners. To complete the male portion of the Common Sense Fastener Set, use this 2 Prong Stud with a Common Sense Clinch Plate.

Two Ways to Install the Common Sense Prong Stud:
1. Cut 2 small slits for the stud prongs and bend the prongs over its backing plate.
2. Use the “Common Sense Hand Punch” to cut slits for the prong stud and then bend the prongs over its backing plate.


Material: Nickel-Plated Brass
Sale Unit: 10 Pack



A. 0.750 inch
B. 0.510 inch
C. 0.627 inch
D. 0.346 inch