Sailrite® Edge Hotknife Package (110V)
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The Sailrite® Edge Hotknife is designed to separate and cut lengths of synthetic fabric, rope and webbing (i.e. acrylic, nylon, polyester, etc.) that would unravel when cut with scissors. The hot cutting blade cuts quickly and precisely and provides a clean, sealed edge. The Sailrite Edge is trigger-operated and heats to a maximum temperature of 400°C in 4-6 seconds. A great tool for cruisers, the Edge Hotknife has a max power draw of 60 watts and will easily run off of an inverter. Always cut on an insulated cutting surface like glass, mirror or Formica for a cleaner cut, or use with the cutting foot. The Tempered Cutting Glass for Hotknife (#121915) is the perfect companion to the Edge Hotknife.

Warranty: Sailrite warrants this hotknife (with exception of the blades) for a period of 1 year starting from the date of sale. The guarantee is given against defects in material and workmanship. This warranty is voided by improper use, disassembly, repair or alteration by owner or unauthorized parties.

Please Note: This product should be used on synthetic fabrics only. Do not use this hotknife on natural fabrics such as cotton or leather.

The Sailrite Difference

There are a lot of look-alike corded hotknives on the market today. Here’s why Sailrite’s hotknife is the only one you should choose:

  • The metal screw bridge, where the blade attaches to the handle, is thicker on our hotknife. We made this change because it was easy to strip the screws on the thinner screw bridge — and then the whole tool was shot.
  • Our hotknife has a longer cord, so you aren’t forced to use an extension cord.
  • We’ve greatly improved the cord connection point — it won’t disconnect and require repair.
  • The internal electronics of our hotknife are much safer. You can leave a Sailrite hotknife plugged in or operate it without worrying about injury or damage.
  • If our hotknife fails, the warranty actually takes care of it. We support what we sell here at Sailrite.
  • You get clear instructions and use videos straight from us.

Sailrite Edge Hotknife Package Includes:

  • Sailrite Edge Hotknife Body
  • R Blade
  • Cutting Foot
  • Plastic Carrying Case
  • Wire Brush
  • Hex Key


Sale Unit: EA
Brand: Sailrite
Heating Time: 4-6 seconds
Max. Temperature: 752 degrees Fahrenheit (400°C)
Voltage: 110V/60Hz
Weight: 2 lbs. (950 g)
Power: Max. 60 W
Power Cord Length: 9.5' (2.9 m)
Warranty: 1 Year


Sailrite Edge Hotknife Package Demo

What Can You Cut With a Hotknife?

How to Change the Edge Hotknife Cutting Blade

How to Install the Edge Hotknife Cutting Foot


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Bryan DePue
Verified Purchase

Great value! Great product!

Works better then other brands and is a great price!

Andrew Armstrong
Verified Purchase

This is one of those tools you have to have but seldom use. I like that it heats up fast and cools down more quickly.

Verified Purchase

I am making cushions with upholstery fabric for my bench seat with piping. I would never be successful without this Hotknife. I am not professional, and I can use this tool with ease. At first I was afraid of how hot the knife got, but, it heats and cools almost immediately and I have full control of both. Having this tool makes me want to do more upholstery and I never thought I’d hear myself say that!

Vickie Van House
Verified Purchase

No more fraying fabrics for furniture fabrics!

This is a such time-saver, it does the job fast and leaves no fraying! I love it!!

Michael Rosenauer
Verified Purchase

This thing works

Opened the box, mounted the blade, and started cutting sunbrella. The thing heats up quite quickly and readily. The key is to feel the knife hit the surface underneath and then release the trigger. Keep pushing the tool (not the trigger) until you feel it ride up on the material. Repeat. If you leave the trigger on too long, the cut will be scalloped as you melted the material instead of simply cutting and sealing. This thing is the real deal.

Laura Robinson
Verified Purchase

Love my new hot knife

The hot knife is really nice, I just did a platform bench cushion and it was so nice to not have to deal with fraying edges! I also used it to make a couple throw pillows and it eliminated the need to serge the raw edges of my seams! Highly recommend!

Karen O'Brien
Verified Purchase

Easy to use & didn't need a special table or board to protect surfaces. Was able to cut out 12 cushions very quickly and no need to find some other way to finish the edges. Highly recommend.

Mary Sparks
Verified Purchase

It was worth having the right tool!!

I love how fast this product heats up. It slices cleanly. It does take a little practice and a metal straight edge is helpful.

Shirley Powell
Verified Purchase

Great hot knife

Love my hot knife! So easy to use and works really well.

Ross Hartman
Verified Purchase

Works as advertised

I purchased this to cut nylon cloth for covering a skin on frame kayak. It works great and I didn't need any additional cutting attachments.

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