Shuttle:Oscillating (Cam & Rocker Arm Driven)
Power:1/10th hp, 110 Volt, AC motor, 1.5 amp.
Max. Sewing Speed:500 Stitches Per Minute
Min. - Max. Straight Stitch:0-6 mm (Forward & Reverse)
Min. - Max. Zigzag Width:0-5 mm (0 is Straight Stitch)
Needle System:135 x 17 & 135 X 16, #10 - #22
Presser Foot Lift:0.375"
Needle Bar Stroke:34 mm
Bed Size:14.5" x 7"
Underarm Space:7" x 4.5"
Bobbin Size:Class 15 / Style A
Thread Take-Up Lever:Link Type
Case Dimensions:21 3/4” W x 10 5/8” D x 14 5/8” H
Carrying Weight:55 pounds


  • Industrial Carrying Case
  • Elastic Protector Strap
  • Integrated Thread Stand
  • Sailrite Flex20 LED Light
  • Power Plus balance wheel
  • EZ Set Stitch Length Plate
  • Electronic variable speed foot control
  • V-92 White Polyester Thread 1 oz.
  • Sewing machine oil
  • 4 bobbins
  • 4 - #20 needles
  • Tool Kit
  • Comprehensive guidebook
  • Ultrafeed Set-up, Use & Maintenance DVD
  • 2 Year Warranty


NEW - Industrial Carrying Case

This is our brand new Industrial Case for the Ultrafeed Sewing Machine.

Ultafeed Plus Package

See what comes with the Ultrafeed Plus package.

Ultrafeed Sewing Machine Series Overview

A quick overview of the features and accessories of each of the Ultrafeed packages.

Sail & Canvas Work on the Ultrafeed

The Ultrafeed Sewing machines can easily sew heavy materials, making them perfect for sewing sails and boat canvas.

Home Sewing on an Ultrafeed

The Ultrafeed can be your go-to sewing machine for all of your projects around the home.

Sewing Soft Leather on an Ultrafeed

These machines are tough enough to sew through heavy sailmakers’ leather while still having the finesse to sew fine leather goods as well.

EZ Set Stitch Length Plate

Demo of the EZ Set Stitch Length Plate which comes standard on all new Ultrafeed Sewing Machines.

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Could Not Ask for a Better Machine


I have never used a sewing machine in my life but with a sailboat full of projects I thought it was time to learn. The LSZ-1 was a snap to learn and easy to control. The Sailrite videos made the setup process extremely easy to complete and then it was off to the races! The controls are simple and intuitive. Build quality is excellent and all the tools you need are included with the machine.

Amazing machine.


While we initially were hesitant to spend so much, this machine has more than saved us double it's value and then some. It sews thru numerous layers like butter, has readily sewn solar panels into place, yet handles just two layers of Sunbrella with equal ease. Sailrite has been fantastic with support, and their videos are second to none. This has been an investment that I would easily make again.

Mine's been working great for me.


I've had one of these for a few years, with the monster balance wheel option. The machine's been great. I'm surprised how little adjusting I've done, even when switching fabric weights. A partial turn on the tension knob once in a while has been the only thing. My projects have been mostly Sunbrella - sail covers, winch covers and other boating and camping stuff. Some other things with lighter fabrics (curtains, etc). Large model airplane wing bags from quilted fabric. The biggest project was a sacrificial Sunbrella border for the 150% genoa on my 36' sailboat. It's a BIG sail and I made a special table to be able to feed the rolled up sail through the machine. I'm no expert but the machine seems to make things pretty easy so it works out well for me. A couple of boating friends have this same machine and they're really happy with theirs, too.

A little more on my table. I got an 8 ft long x 30" wide portable plastic top table from Costco and put an angle bracket under one long side about halfway along. On that I hang a little plywood shelf with one leg at the outside end and I set the machine on that with the sewing surface of the machine the same height as the table top. It's like a miniature sail loft if you've ever seen a real one. You can slide some fairly bulky stuff around on the plastic table top for ease in maneuvering through the machine. The walking foot does a great job of feeding the material. You just have to keep the bulk of it managed somehow.

I've built a couple of the project kits that Sailrite sells and they've been good practice for an amateur sewer like me:-)



Very prefect

Ultrafeed in the Sculpture Department

by -

I purchased one of these machines for the sculpture department at the university where I teach and was 100% satisfied. For years my students have wanted to utilize sewing for sculptural projects and we've been just making do with hand-me-down machines. The Ultrafeed sews like a champ, especially when we need the walking foot for materials like vinyl and nylon. I would highly recommend this machine to anyone and will hopefully be getting one for my own studio soon.

Still going strong...

by -

My Sailright has seen over 30 countries and after replacing a slightly rusty bobbin she is still going strong. Just look at the upholstery in my dory and you'll see why we love our Sailright!

Worth the $

by -

I started making CC handbags and selling them. My regular sewing machine just could not handle the heavy sewing. I needed something portable, as I do a lot of my work at the dinning table. Someone suggested a Sailrite. I love it! It sews through the heavy stuff so easily and also works great with leather. Definitely worth the money.


Sailrite ultrafeed is a hit with me


My wife and I unpacked our ultrafeed together about a month ago. This machine is for my heavy duty canvas and other work. She uses it for purses and hand bags. The instructional videos were helpful. This is a heavy machine - do not attempt to assemble it alone. We like it.

Great Product

by -

I love the machine. The machine oil ruptured in transit and I've had to clean the oil off everything but otherwise I'm very happy with the quality and performance.

Inspired my husband to learn to sew.


I wanted a machine that could handle anything from a heavy canvas drop cloth projects to hemming my jeans. I also wanted portability and durability....and I found that in my Sailrite. I am absolutely in love with it! What it does it does really, really well. I'm really blown away by the quality. I made sure to go ahead and order the monster wheel and I am so pleased that I did. The extra power is amazing and totally worth the extra cost. When I had my machine unpacked and all set up even my husband was so inspired by its power and ease of use that he asked me to teach him how to sew. He just bought his first "man fabric" this evening.

The few things I wish were a little different: getting the machine into the black case the first time was challenging because of the odd positioning of the little screws that attach the machine to the box. Do it once and you are done, but definitely have help when you do it. Also, while the knob adjustments for stitch length are sturdy they are a bit awkward and take some getting used to- not a big deal, just awkward. Getting replacement needles, feet and v-69 thread won't be a simple hop down to you nearest fabric shop, so order what you think you will need ahead of time. Lastly, I accidentally ordered the wrong needles for my machine from the online Sailrite store, easy mistake, so double check that any additional needles you purchase positively work for your specific Sailrite machine, there is a list for which machines the needles work for in the details, make sure your machine IS listed.

I know I made the right decision with this machine. I am so happy with it!

Worked perfectly right out of the box. Happy camper here.


I received my Sailrite LSZ-1 Plus and spent about 20 minutes setting it up and immediately did some repairs on a backpack that had straps pulling out. This required sewing through two layers of nylon strap material, one layer of backpack material, two layers of edge binding, one layer of nylon webbing that formed a carrying loop on the back of the backpack, and one layer of nylon webbing used as backing support. The machine had no problems. Love it.

Outstanding Business

by -

I ordered a Sailrite Ultrafeed LSZ-1 Plus, along with 13 other items, the day before Thanksgiving. The order was shipped the day after Thanksgiving. I received the complete order correct and undamaged the following Tuesday. Two days later I placed a second order. Within 2 hours the order had shipped. Service like this is incredible and hard to beat. Thank you Sailrite.

I am now a Seamster

by -

Was absolutely enthralled with the machine. My first stitch ever on a sewing machine was flawless. The video that came w/ purchase was spot on, along w/ all the how-to videos that Sailrite provides. Wife is extremely happy - yeah, brownie points ( I need them) The only negative is time for all the sewing projects ahead e.g. dinghy chaps