Shuttle:Oscillating (Cam & Rocker Arm Driven)
Power:1/10th hp, 110 Volt, AC motor, 1.5 amp.
Max. Sewing Speed:500 Stitches Per Minute
Min. - Max. Straight Stitch:0-6 mm (Forward & Reverse)
Min. - Max. Zigzag Width:0-5 mm (0 is Straight Stitch)
Needle System:135 x 17 & 135 X 16, #10 - #22
Presser Foot Lift:0.375"
Needle Bar Stroke:34 mm
Bed Size:14.5" x 7"
Underarm Space:7" x 4.5"
Bobbin Size:Class 15 / Style A
Thread Take-Up Lever:Link Type
Case Dimensions:21 3/4” W x 10 5/8” D x 14 5/8” H
Carrying Weight:62 pounds


  • Industrial Carrying Case
  • Elastic Protector Strap
  • Integrated Thread Stand
  • Sailrite Flex20 LED Light
  • Monster II Balance Wheel
  • 1” Swing Away Binder
  • EZ Set Stitch Length Plate
  • Deluxe Magnetic Sewing Guide
  • Kickstand
  • Left Roping Zipper Foot
  • Cording Foot Set for Large Welting
  • Needle Assortment Pack with Deluxe Seam Ripper & Lint Brush
  • Power Plus balance wheel
  • Electronic variable speed foot control
  • V-92 White Polyester Thread 1 oz.
  • Sewing machine oil
  • 4 bobbins
  • Tool Kit
  • Comprehensive guidebook
  • Ultrafeed Set-up, Use & Maintenance DVD
  • 2 Year Warranty


NEW - Industrial Carrying Case

This is our brand new Industrial Case for the Ultrafeed Sewing Machine.

Ultafeed LSZ-1 Premium Package

See what comes with the Ultrafeed Premium package.

Ultrafeed Sewing Machine Series Overview

A quick overview of the features and accessories of each of the Ultrafeed packages.

Sail & Canvas Work on the Ultrafeed

The Ultrafeed Sewing machines can easily sew heavy materials, making them perfect for sewing sails and boat canvas.

Home Sewing on an Ultrafeed

The Ultrafeed can be your go-to sewing machine for all of your projects around the home.

Sewing Soft Leather on an Ultrafeed

These machines are tough enough to sew through heavy sailmakers’ leather while still having the finesse to sew fine leather goods as well.

EZ Set Stitch Length Plate

Demo of the EZ Set Stitch Length Plate which comes standard on all new Ultrafeed Sewing Machines.

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Sewing Along!


Happy to finally have one of these awesome machines. I have a ton of projects but I have already paid for the machine by just finishing a bimini for my Catalina.

Great little machine!

by -

I purchased the Premium package, which included most of the add-ons I wanted with the base machine. It was a cost effective option. It was shipped quickly, and was very well packed. I would recommend having a friend over to help bring it in the house, as the box is large and heavy. (I personally would have paid extra shipping charges to have it in 2 boxes.) During set-up I contacted the online chat. My 'helper' had laid one of the smaller boxes aside and I thought I was missing some items. Once I located the box (duh) and watched the video, set up was a breeze. I will say that I have 50+ years sewing experience and this machine setup & threading is very similar to others I've used, especially the older non-computerized models. I installed the monster flywheel. I haven't made a complete project yet, but did play around with some canvas scraps. I easily sewed 10 layers of med. wt. canvas. I was especially curious as to how it would handle encountering a thick seam, and was very pleased with the results as it sewed over it with no hesitation. I was also impressed with the maintenance portion of the dvd. Very clear on routine maintenance and also fixing some issues that often would require a trip to a repair shop, such as adjusting the needle bar and timing.

Looking forward to my first project which I will tackle after the holidays.

This machine is amazing!


This machine is amazing! Although the 60 lb lift is a bit daunting, the reason for that is also what makes this machine remarkable. It's well designed, incredibly durable, sews like a dream and will most likely outlive me. Combine that with Sailrite's detailed videos to make everything and anything for my boat and there's no limit to what I can create.

I bought a beautiful Cal 2 34 a year and a half ago. The previous owner did a lot of interior work and was all about restoring her to her original beauty while implementing some practical upgrades that have come to be over the last 40+ years.

Given his love and appreciation for restoration, aesthetics and taking your time he never quite got to the exterior amenities, (he had to sell the boat due to health issues), like the dodger, bimini, cockpit cushions, sail pack, etc., etc. you get the idea .........

So I am excitedly picking up where he left off and my new premium ultra feed and Sailrite's instructions/videos make it all possible.

Thank you Sailrite and keep those videos coming!

Powerful, Easy to Use, and Beautiful

by -

Setup was straightforward and even initial sewing was easy. The videos and the manual are incredibly detailed and I love that I am encouraged to do everything myself. I've only owned for a few weeks and have finished a project already that included using the zipper foot. Took a few practice sews to get used to the handling and then she powered through everything I needed her to do. I've been eyeing it for about a year and I'm so glad I finally purchased it.

Super-duper LSZ-1

by -

Received my LSZ-1 Premium walking foot sewing machine the other day. Easy set-up instructions and lot's of extra "stuff".........really looking forward to getting started. Will have to log in and check out ALL the Sailrite videos!!!!!!

My 2016 Birthday Present

by -

I received a LSZ-1 in June this year to work on projects for our sailboat. I have never sewn a stitch in my life before getting my Sailrite LSZ-1. Thanks to the incredible videos and excellent quality tools and materials from Sailrite, not to mention your support, I am finding that not only is sewing a rewarding and enjoyable experience, but I am saving a bucket of money to boot. I have restitched my entire cockpit enclosure, made 6 fender covers and just completed a wrench tool wrap. The LSZ-1 seems to be incredibly robust, yet is easy for a novice like me to start using and actually complete projects.

Amazing machine

by -

I've had ma machine for I guess a year now. I'm so in love with it! It is an amazing sewing machine. I did a huge job making vinyl front windows and side curtains for a 30 something foot boat. It was hard work and a learning experience, I could never have done it without the Ultrafeed. ( And some help from some of your how to videos). It is also great for leather. You just have to be patient at times, when like me, you try to use a bad thread and totally mess up the tension. I have nothing but praise for this sewing machine and for your company. When I needed help, you contacted me right away and helped me in no time. I also would give it more stars if that was possible. The only thing I miss is a knee or foot mechanism to lift the presser foot. My dream is one day, to be able to afford one of your professional machine to add to ma collection.

I'm very impressed

by -

I'm very impressed, but not surprised at the attention to detail that Sailrite puts into the delivery of their products.

My new LSZ-1 is a work of art and I can't wait to get started. I feel like a member of a new family.

Thanks for Sailrite Ultrafeed LSZ-1 Premium and videos

by -

I have been using the sewing machine for multiple projects on our sailboat. I never had experience before but with this machine and the videos I have been able to make sail covers, hatch covers, winch covers, redo the cushions, make pillows, make an entire enclosure, make sheets and blankets to fit the v-berth and many more. Thanks to great equipment and great videos.

Good machine!!


Great machine, never sewed before but I have very definite ideas how I wanted my sail covers to fit, the machine has the "skill" built in so my amateurish attempts came out good!

A Non-traditional Review


First of all I would say as a disclaimer, I did not use this machine for more than 1 hour. Ok, that said, let me say why. It is a machine not meant for anyone hoping to transition from one needle to another without having to use a screwdriver, it is not meant for anyone who doesn't have strong arms to turn the monster wheel. I was in tears by the end of using this product, but that's because it just wasn't for me. Industrial sewing machines in general as it turns out are not for me. So- why the 5 stars? Because it is exactly as described, it is high quality, it essemblea relatively easily if you follow the instructions. I would say to anyone who likes industrial style sewing machines, to make sure to get the kickstand or your machine will want to fall over when you need to reload the bobbin. I know that this is a non-traditional review, but it's my experience, and maybe it can shed a little light for someone looking to buy. Also, I give it 5 stars because the customer service in returning it was excellent. The representative I emailed back and forth was understanding and walked me through the process without any guff. I had to pay for shipping both ways which isn't refundable, but I consider it lesson learned. I was really impressed with Sailrite, and will continue to buy other products from them.

Best Christmas present ever

by -

I always wanted one of these machines and I thought, what the heck, it will be my Christmas present. It arrived in perfect condition and at first I was a bit overwhelmed with all the stuff that was included in the 2 boxes. I was very surprised at the outstanding quality of everything. I belong to a local sailing club and plan on using it to make and repair stuff for our members. Thank you Sailrite, your a first class company and this is one of the best purchases I ever made.

A great Heavy Duty portable machine!


I received the machine (LSZ-1 Premium) earlier this week. The set up was straight forward and easy to accomplish. I did have to adjust the drive belt tension though. When I first started using the machine the upper drive belt would slip off. Since adjusting I haven't had any problems. I should note that none of the wrenches supplied with the machine fit the bolt that needs to be loosened to adjust the belt tension. The bolt is slotted for a screw driver but in my opinion a screw driver isn't going to tighten this bolt enough. This isn't a big deal just something to be aware of if you're traveling with this machine. The magnet light provided does work but frankly it seems almost like an after thought to me. I would have much preferred a built in unit. A light on the rear of the machine with the light directed toward the needle would be nice. If you want to continue to provide the magnetic light an improvement would be to hard wire it into the electrical connection already mounted on the machine. In fact I just may do this with mine. The stand alone thread stand provided with the machine is cheap! This isn't an inexpensive sewing machine. I would think for the price paid a stand with a metal base could easily be provided.

Overall I am extremely pleased with the machine and it's performance. I spent a great deal of time investigating what was available for my needs. This Sailrite machine is copied by numerous other companies and for good reason. It's an awesome performer. When they said it would sew anything that fits under the presser foot they weren't kidding. This machine will do just that. I also want to mention that Matt was most helpful in answering all of my emailed questions and there were quite a few. I'm happy I did my research and I'm more than pleased with my purchase.

Wish I could give it 6 stars

by -

I started with a knock off version of this machine and actually believed the "it's the same machine" line....... right up to the point where I tried to use it. For every ten seams I sewed, 1 would be fine and the other 9 would leave me in tears. I finally ordered this machine hoping it would be "better".

"Better" does not begin to describe the difference. Can't believe what I was missing. This machine makes canvas projects so easy - yes, I said EASY! Well worth every penny in every way. I went with the premium because all the added accessories were already included & I would have ordered them anyway.

Do not go astray with a different brand that over promises and under delivers. There is no substitute for the Sailrite machine and the support that goes with it. This is a clear case of "you get what you pay for". I would have literally paid more for the value I received. Thank you, Sailrite!

Brand new customer to Sailrite

by -

Just received my LSZ-1 Premium package, and I am impressed by the weight of it.

I cannot use it yet, because the pins from the case do not sit correctly to allow the machine to sit flush in the base.

I am waiting for the return call or email so that I can start the first of many projects.

Sailrite Response: We have a support case in for you and will certainly solve any issues to get you happily sewing.