A. Width: 3/4”; B. Waist: 3/8”; C. 1-5/16”; D. Bail Width: 9/32”

Nylon Internal Flat Slide 3/4"

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Slide Nylon Internal Flat 3/4" is a slide used to secure mains or mizzens to their spars and make lowering sails easier. These nylon 66 internal flat sail slides only fit rectangular slots that are designed for flat slides. Sail slides are typically secured ahead of the boltrope and inserted in the mast slot instead of the rope. Secure this plastic slide to a sail with webbing, webbing and grommet, shackle and grommet, or just a shackle. Sail slides also keep the sail stacked in the slot when a sail track stop is used. Slugs and slides are generally installed every 26 inches along the Luff edge and every 18 inches along the Foot edge of a sail.

Slide Nylon Internal Flat 3/4" Specifications: (see Larger Image)

  • Width (A): 3/4"
  • Waist (B): 3/8"
  • Length (C): 1-5/16"
  • Bail Width (D): 9/32"
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