1" Swing Away Straight Binder

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1" Swing-Away Straight Binder automatically guides and folds binding tape into place over the edge of fabric as you sew. Easily finish the edges of awnings, dodgers, biminis, bags and more with binding tape and this 1″ Swing Away Binder. The Swing Bracket binder does not need to be removed after use, just swing it out of the way.

The binder head is made in Japan and the quality is superior to look-a-like products from China and Taiwan. Binding feeds smoothly and folds evenly, even at sewn splices in the binding tape. Sailrite Swing Bracket binders feature a special stop screw, which prevents the binder from jumping over its frame and being pulled into the needle when sewing heavy items. This "stop" is a must when using a powerful walking foot sewing machine.

Use this binder attachment with 1″ Sunbrella Acrylic and 7/8″ Centerfold Acrylic binding tapes. Thinner 1″ webbing can also be used when a less expensive trim material is desired.

Screws for attaching the binder to a sewing machine are included. This binder attachment is for home and commercial use. Most sewing machines have the appropriate size holes in the machine head for installation. To confirm this binder attachment will work on your machine, please verify the two holes in your machine are spaced 1/2" from each other.


Binder Attachments for Sewing Machine

Binder attachments make dressing up and finishing off the edges of canopies, dodgers, window covers, zipper flaps, awnings, enclosures, and biminis faster and much easier. Binders automatically guide binding tape into place and fold it over the edge of the fabric while sewing it in place.

How to Work Binding Around Curves or Corners - Using a Binder Attachment

This video shows how to work binding around a curve or corner when using a standard feed binder attachment. Working binding around a corner using a binder attachment is not as difficult as it seems. If you create a gentle curve at the fabrics corner it can be turned slowly as you feed the fabric into the binder slot. This means you can continue to sew the binding on without stopping or cutting of the binding. If you have a 90 degree turn in your fabric you must cut the binding at the corner and feed the opposite side binding over the top of the other leg of binding.

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Works as advertised


Most of my sewing is repairing, inventing or extending the life of a well worn item.

One of the items this binder and binding was useful for is to make cheesecloth sacks that can be filled with ice-melt and tossed on roofs to help melt ice-dams.

Works Great!

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1 inch binder works great. Hope to order 2 inch one and a few more items when Canadian dollar picks up a bit. Love your marine catalogue and hope to get that also.Have learned so much from this catalogue.....thanks again

Excellent Attachment

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This attachment works great. It speeds up the process and it allows for a very straight and uniform stitch. Of course it fits on our LS-1 but it also fits on our Consew 206RB-6.

My new favorite tool

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With a very little practice it works great! Made the mistake of buying another brand first, looked almost identical but it just didn't have the quality of this binder. Really speeds up binding edges. As with anything, you have to use it within its intended limits; one thing I wanted it for ended up being too thick and too tight of curves for it, but everything else I've used it on so far has been easy and fast. Yes, fun even!

If anyone was wondering if it works with vinyl, it does. I bought it for binding clear and marine or upholstery vinyl with strips of the marine or upholstery vinyl, and it does just fine. Thank you Sailrite for maintaining your quality!

not happey


not happy with the binder