Quickly and easily add a professional, finished edge to your sewing projects with a Sailrite® 1" Swing-Away Binder attachment for your sewing machine. This binder automatically guides and folds binding tape into place over the edge of the fabric as you sew. Skip hemming and easily finish the edges of awnings, dodgers, biminis, bags and more with binding tape and this 1" Swing-Away Binder. The swing bracket does not need to be removed after use, just swing the binder out of the way.

Sailrite’s Swing-Away Binder is a high-quality design manufactured in Japan. The binding feeds smoothly and folds evenly, even at sewn splices in the binding tape. This swing binder features an exclusive stop screw, which prevents the binder from jumping over its frame and being pulled into the needle when sewing heavy items. This “stop” is a must when using a powerful walking foot sewing machine.

This binder attachment can be used with 1-inch binding tape including popular brands like Sunbrella®, Stamoid™ and Weblon Regatta® binding. It also works with thinner 1-inch webbing and 7/8-inch Sunbrella Centerfold Binding. Use this binder with a fabric assembly that will compress to about 3.6mm thick.

Two, 6-40 screws for attaching the binder to a sewing machine are included. This binder attachment is for home and commercial use. To confirm this binder attachment will work on your machine, make sure there are two holes in the bed of the machine to the right of the needle plate.


Sale Unit: EA
Machine Series: Apprentice, Big-N-Tall, Fabricator, Leatherwork, Mini-Walker, Professional, Sailmaker, Sailrite 111, SR200, Stitch Master, Ultrafeed LS-1, Ultrafeed LSZ-1, Yachtsman
Brand: Sailrite
Size: 1"
Warranty: 90 Days



Demo of Sailrite® 1" Swing‑Away Binder

In this video we will demonstrate using your Sailrite 1” Swing-Away Binder to sew binding on the edge of a fabric application and share a few tips to ensure every project you create with it turns out perfectly.

Installing Sailrite® Swing-Away Binder

Installing your Sailrite 1” Swing-Away Binder is easy with this short instructional video. We'll walk you through each step needed to attach the binder to your sewing machine.


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Elliott Sibille
Verified Purchase

I’m trying to start my own tactical gear company and this tool made my prototypes look very professional. Great tool, I’ll probably get the bigger size at some point

J T Palmer
Verified Purchase

The Best 1" Swing-Away Binder

Great product! Built solid! Easy to use. Nice finishing touch to fabric edges.

Jeff Fero
Verified Purchase

Awesome product.

Excellent quality. Regular bias binding works very well. Not best results with 7/8" Sunbrella Centerfold binding however.

Angus Jones
Verified Purchase

Works perfectly with my Pfaff 563 lock stitch machine. I have experimented with different bindings but the only one to work perfectly has been what Sailrite has supplied for me (Top Notch 9 binding Tape) Thanks Sailrite

Alexander Padron
Verified Purchase

personally I would have liked to have paid a bit less for it. the item itself is well made. it does take a few minutes to set up correctly. I think flaring the insert portion just a bit, a mm would help with thicker binders or material that tends to fray a bit. aside from that it works fantastic! I plan on purchasing the other sizes at a later date when I can drum up the $ for them.

Anthony Mueller
Verified Purchase

Good product works good

Danny Jennings
Verified Purchase

Tent finish

Works perfectly to put bias tape on funeral tent edges. I do a lot of tent repair and this is a nice finishing edge to the sunbrella tents.

Matthew Kennedy
Verified Purchase

Easy to install right out of the box and saves so much time too.

Ana M. Febres
Verified Purchase


Jaeson Park
Verified Purchase

I’ve fully been satisfied with it and recommend buying this for your work

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