DOT® Twist Lock Fastener Cloth-to-Cloth 2 Prong Stud Set (Nickel Plated)

Item # 777100
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1 - 9$11.15/PK10
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1 - 9$11.15/PK10
10 - 99$8.36/PK10
100 +$7.81/PK10

Item Description

These DOT® "twist-lock" devices offer a quick yet secure way to fasten two pieces of fabric to one another. They are often used on mainsail covers and dodgers. Each set includes an eyelet and a stud along with necessary backing plates. Manufactured in nickel-plated brass—especially suited to the marine environment.

DOT® Common Sense Fastener Cloth-to-Cloth Set Includes:

  • Eyelet (#777005)
  • Washer (#777010)
  • Clinch Plate (#777020)
  • 2-Prong Stud (#777015)


Common Sense Eyelet Installation with the Hole Cutter

Use this tool with a mallet to cut the holes for common sense "twist-lock" eyelets. Cuts the four slits for the eyelet teeth and cuts away the fabric in the center of the eyelet.

Common Sense Fastener Eyelet Installation by Hand

How to install a Common Sense or Twist-Lock Fastener Eyelet in place without the Common Sense Eyelet Hole Cutter Tool.

Common Sense Fastener 2 Prong Studs Using a Punch

Use the Hand punch Tool to cut holes for the Twist Lock 2 prong studs or Lift the Dot studs.

Installing Common Sense Fastener 2 Prong Stud by Hand

Shows how to cut the two slits for the Common Sense 2 Prong Stud using a knife.

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