Pres-N-Snap Installation Tool
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The Pres-N-Snap Tool is a professional-grade fastener installation tool that lets you set fasteners with just a one-handed squeeze. This tool automatically punches a hole and installs the fastener while letting you keep one hand on the fabric. The Pres-N-Snap comes with six dies for setting standard, ligne 24 snap fastener components (button, socket, stud and eyelet) as well as #1 plain washer grommets. Installing grommets does require cutting a hole prior to installation. Hole cutting dies for the Pres-N-Snap are available, but sold separately.

This Tool Includes:

  • Button Die
  • Socket Die
  • Stud Die
  • Eyelet Die
  • #1 Plain Washer Grommet Dies

With the Pres-N-Snap Tool you can also purchase a variety of add-on die sets for installing other types of specialty fasteners. With this tool you can easily set Twist Lock fasteners, Pull-The-Dot (one-way) fasteners, Lift-The-Dot Eyelet Type Studs, gypsy studs, #00 and #2 plain grommets and #0 and #1 spur grommets. See the list below for a full list of additional available dies:

  • Stud-to-Gypsy Stud Die (#100899)
  • One Way (Pull-The-Dot) Die (#586325)
  • Lift-The-Dot Eyelet-Type Base Die Set (#106397)
  • Turn Lock Die Set (#104993)
  • #1 Hole Cutter Die (#100908)
  • #2 Hole Cutter Die (#100909)
  • #00 Plain Grommet Die (#102894)
  • #0 Plain Grommet Die (#123588)
  • #2 Plain Grommet Die (#102213)
  • #3 Plain Grommet Die (#121601)
  • #0 Spur Grommet Die (#103629)
  • #1 Spur Grommet Die (#100971)

This durable, high-quality tool can save you hours of tedious work on your next project! Convenient to use in your hand or mounted to a workshop bench using the optional Bench Mount (#831123).


Sale Unit: EA
Brand: Hoover, Pres-N-Snap



A. 3.216"
B. 1.807"
C. 1.025"


Pres-N-Snap Tool & Dies Demo

Demonstrates some of the most common fasteners that can be installed using the Pres-N-Snap tool (some die sets sold separately).


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Steven Minnick
Verified Purchase

Expensive, but worked very well.

I guess it's a great buy, it's not a deal or value. It's expensive. It's a great made in the USA tool. Is it worth this $? Maybe. Worked great. Guess if you want more than the little pad and punch you gotta pay. I didn't want to buy the cheapos on amazon that looked like they were modified vice grips.

Christopher Shelton
Verified Purchase

Repair military gear

You get what you pay for. This thing is built like a tank. Shipping was fast and I got exactly what I ordered for the price I paid. This is the way. I have spoken.

Robert Kerns
Verified Purchase

Did exactly what I needed it to do.

Leatrice McDaniel
Verified Purchase

Low pressure

I had an old snap tool that was exactly the same. I used to have to practically stand on my head to get it to properly install the snap. The new tool is very easy to squeeze and does the trick with minimal pressure.

Verified Purchase

Well constructed professional quality tool that works very well

Glen Pederson
Verified Purchase

Tool performs flawlessly. Saves a lot of time and grief. Pricey but quality tool.

Steve Courson
Verified Purchase

Works great! Quality product, quality service from company!

John Armstrong
Verified Purchase

A phenomenal tool for repairing attachments and keeping first responder gear on the ready!

Solid tool for attachments and repairs to first responder gear. It's light weight and effectiveness make it a great tool for use in the field or in the shop!

Alex Harper
Verified Purchase

Click n snap tool

Awesome product, fit for purpose and amazing service. Thankyou Sailrite.

Robert Mattson
Verified Purchase

The best snap installation tool

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