Breaking Strength:8-10 pounds
Cone Size:8 ounces
Yards per Spool:1,595


  • Completely resistant to UV sunlight
  • Unaffected by salt water, cleaning chemicals, temperature extremes, or acid rain
  • Will not rot or mold
  • Colors will not fade (color fast thread)
  • Non-flammable
  • 100% expanded fluoropolymer
  • Tenara Sewing Thread Style TR M1000KTR-L-5
  • Pre-lubricated
  • Lifetime warranty


Tenara Thread

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Mpney well spent on Tenera thread


We have been using Tenera thread for the past 13 years. NOT once in that time did we have to restitch!! This included 4 summers in the Sea of Cortez where Sunbrella would be burnt up in 5 years.

All the time was spent in the tropics.

Have begun using the Tenera thread on Sunbrella sail covers and jib sun covers.

Worth every penny!!

Good exerpience with Tenara


Very happy with Tenara. Used it over 6 years ago on our mats for our trimaran. We had to have the mats sewn every two years - once professionally $600, next time with traditional polyester sail thread on our home machine. I used the lighter weight thread on ripstop nylon for an awning. It is worth the cost. I sew on a Bernina 200 which my husband has added a second tension assembly when we use the V92 weight. My regular sewing machine can handle the lighter weight Tenara. We have a horizontal holder for the spool so the thread doesn't twist coming off the cone.

Expensive but high quality. Can be difficult to work with.

by -

Who knew thread could cost this much! I bit the bullet and paid the $100+ for this brand name thread. Obviously the benefits include: UV resistance, high breaking strength, water proof etc etc. So lets list what I don’t like about this thread: 1. It is VERY difficult to sew with. I recommend you read the guide from Gore Tex on how to sew with this thread. I ended up using a Schmetz Serv7 size 14 needle. 2. The clear color is VERY visible on darker colors. The thread nearly looks white on my visible stitches on my material (Sunbrella Mediterranean blue). 3. Sailrite does not supply thread samples so you have to either take a risk or source a sample from another vendor. In summer this is obviously an excellent thread and I plan to continue using it for the remainder of my sailboat restoration project.