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In Praise of Sailrite (oh - and by the way) and the Heavy Duty YKK Side Release Black 1" Buckle

by -

These are stock items aboard Flying Pig, our Morgan 461.

Eventually, all plastic succumbs to the UV present in the tropics, so we keep these for spares.

They are single-adjust, meaning that the male portion is designed to be adjustable in length, whereas the other must be sewn to whatever it's attached to.

These are from the premier zipper manufacturer in the world, so they know fastening. It's a hard, secure click when engaged, but a simple press between thumb and forefinger (or any other finger if you prefer) will allow it to release.

Inexpensive and not very bulky, they come individually bagged from Sailrite, our favorite vendor for such gear; we ordered more strapping, as well, at the same time.

Note that this is the heavy duty version - we could have saved an entire buck in total on the 10 we ordered, by ordering the standard duty buckle - the light duty ones will fail earlier in the sun.

So, if you intend using this where it will be in full sun, all day, all week, all month (or however long it is that whatever you're using it on will be outside), get this one.

And use Sailrite for your fastening vendor. They have it all in stock, ship usually the same day, and are endlessly accommodating on customer service, regardless of what it is that you buy from them.