Chain Material:Delrin plastic
Slider Material:Delrin Plastic
Slider Type:Single pull (one side). Choose locking or non-locking
Slider Position:Right side (left hand pin insertion)


A.0.225" (5.72 mm)
B.0.560" (14.22 mm)
C.0.333" (8.49 mm)
D.1.500" (38.10 mm)


Vislon & Coil Zippers - Part 1

Most zippers come in two distinct styles called vislon or coil. This video will discuss the differences of a vislon and coil zipper. Vislon zippers are the most common marine zippers. They are strong and designed to resist UV and corrosive damage. Coil zipper chain is strong and flexible due to a fine toothed design. Great for bags, tents, packs and rounding corner applications, but not as good for UV resistance.

Continuous vs Finished Zippers - Part 2

A finished zipper will separate like a zipper on a jacket while a continuous zipper is meant to be used in applications where at least one end stays closed. This video will demonstrate the differences of a finished zipper vs. a continuous zipper.

Zipper Sliders - Part 3

Zipper sliders come in many configurations from locking to non-locking, metal to plastic, and double pull to single pull. This video will discuss the appropriate slider for your application. Also shown is how to install a zipper slider onto the zipper teeth.

Zipper Shortening & Stops - Part 4

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Fast Service!


I am very happy with the quick service and the quality of the product I received. We got the new zipper sewed into the old sail cover and it was only a week or so after we realized we needed the new one. So happy to do business with you.