Demo of Monster II Balance Wheel

Use the Monster II Balance Wheel for more power and great slow speed control. The Sailrite Monster II Balance Wheel includes a handcrank which works great when electrical power is not available or for those who want ultimate control when sewing. The Monster II Balance Wheel works on a standard clutch system or Sailrite's exclusive Posi-Pin system.

Monster II Balance Wheel Installation on Ultrafeed Posi-Pin Systems

If your Ultrafeed Sewing Machine has the Posi-Pin system (standard on all curent Ultrafeed machines) this video will show you how to install the optional Monster II Balance Wheel.

Monster II Balance Wheel Installation for Friction Clutch Sewing Machines

If your sewing machine has the friction clutch knob system (all newer Ultrafeed Sewing Machines now include the Posi Pin system), then this video will show you how to install the Monster II Balance Wheel. This installation is for machines without the Posi-Pin feature. It relates specifically to sewing machine units having the older inferior friction clutch assemblies.

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A helpful addition

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I purchased the Monster II Balance Wheel at the same time as the Ultrafeed to give myself the extra power and ease of hand cranking. The wheel was very easy to install. It uses the same steps at the Power Plus wheel that came with the machine.

The strength of this wheel is the ability to hand crank through tough and thick material with ease. I have been stitching through multiple layers of leather and nylon webbing. Although I haven't been doing long runs by hand cranking when I do need to hand control for a couple stitches the needle presses through with ease. There is very little resistance.

The handle makes this wheel very easy to grab and crank as needed. One problem that I have gotten used to is that the power cable connection is right behind the upper portion of the wheel. If you are cranking the machine with the cable attached it is likely you can wedge your between the handle and the cable connector. I've learn to hold the handle in a better position to avoid doing this.

This was a very worthwhile addition to my order.

Worked well


Worked as advertised, easy installation