The Monster® II Balance Wheel is the top-tier balance wheel for Sailrite® Ultrafeed® Sewing Machines and brings smoother and quieter operation to your machine. Its extra-large size, the same as the Power Plus Balance Wheel, is twice the size of a traditional portable sewing machine balance wheel and provides better slow speed control and exceptional power.

Need to conserve energy? The Monster II Balance Wheel comes with a hand crank that allows for sewing without electricity. Made from 7 pounds of nickel-plated steel, this balance wheel’s weight creates enough momentum to make hand-cranking effortless while smoothly sewing through even thick assemblies.

The Monster II Balance Wheel is for use with Ultrafeed Sewing Machines and works with the standard clutch or Posi-Pin® Safety Shear. The Monster II Balance Wheel is made exclusively for Sailrite.

The Monster II Balance Wheel Kit Includes:

  • Cogged balance wheel
  • Timing belt
  • Plastic hand crank handle
  • Shoulder bolt
  • Set Screws
  • Allen wrenches

Please Note: This balance wheel alone will not add the Posi-Pin feature to your sewing machine.


Machine Series: Ultrafeed LS, Ultrafeed LSZ
Brand: Sailrite
Warranty: 1 Year


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Demo of Monster II Balance Wheel

Use the Monster II Balance Wheel for more power and great slow speed control. The Sailrite Monster II Balance Wheel includes a handcrank which works great when electrical power is not available or for those who want ultimate control when sewing. The Monster II Balance Wheel works on a standard clutch system or Sailrite's exclusive Posi-Pin system.

Monster II Balance Wheel Installation on Ultrafeed Posi-Pin Systems

If your Ultrafeed Sewing Machine has the Posi-Pin system (standard on all curent Ultrafeed machines) this video will show you how to install the optional Monster II Balance Wheel.

Monster II Balance Wheel Installation for Friction Clutch Sewing Machines

If your sewing machine has the friction clutch knob system (all newer Ultrafeed Sewing Machines now include the Posi Pin system), then this video will show you how to install the Monster II Balance Wheel. This installation is for machines without the Posi-Pin feature. It relates specifically to sewing machine units having the older inferior friction clutch assemblies.


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