How to Make a Dodger Video

Item # X-HT-300078

Stay sheltered from rain or spray while underway and at the dock with a dodger. Sometimes called a spray hood, a dodger covers the companionway and acts like a windshield, offering protection to those in the cockpit. Custom dodgers can be expensive from a canvas shop, but you can get a custom fit for less by building your own using a dodger kit and Sailrite’s comprehensive video instructions.

Sew your own dodger like this following Sailrite's video tutorial

These video instructions will walk you through the entire process of building a dodger including building the frame, patterning the fabric and sewing it all together. In the video we cover how to build a 2-bow frame, but there is a discussion on the necessary adjustments to make if you want to build a bigger, 3-bow dodger, instead. You’ll also learn how to install an optional roll-up window in the front of the dodger to allow for extra airflow.

At Sailrite, we offer complete dodger kits that contain everything you need to build your own dodger including: the framing, Sunbrella Marine Grade fabric, O’Sea window material, mounting hardware and supplies as well as a DVD of this video and PDF written instructions. Kits are available for the fabric only as well as 2- and 3-bow set ups.

Previously these How to Make a Dodger video instructions were only available as a DVD but now we’re sharing them in a free streaming format. You can now watch all of the over 4 hours How to Make a Dodger video content in the below playlist. There is a list of video segments included in the playlist so you can skip ahead to various steps in the process.

Videos Included:

  • Make Your Own Dodger - Intro
  • Building the Frame & Creating a Pattern
  • Patterning Fabric
  • Installing Window & Forward Edge Facing
  • Creating Tails & Aft Zipper Sleeve
  • Sewing Center & Aft Sleeve & Tail
  • Attaching Front & Top Panels & Finishing Sleeve, Tail & Window
  • Installing Dodger
  • Patterning & Sewing Side Curtain
  • Installing a Roll-Up Window
  • Discussion of 3-Bow Dodger
  • Installing Rigid Support Struts