Shade Sails

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Make your own shade sail and save with Sailrite®! DIY shade sails, also called structural awnings or sun shades, are structured awnings that can be used to cover a porch, pool or patio to provide exceptional protection from the sun. They’re also a great choice for those looking to add a stylish finish to their residential or commercial exterior environment with a bold, statement shade. Sailrite’s selection of shade sail hardware includes everything you need to finish off your DIY shade sail project.

These awnings are attached to support poles or the side of your home or building and are held in the sculptural shape under tension. Building and installing your own shade sail awning is relatively easy with these hardware options. To securely install your high-quality structural shade awning, you’ll need hardware from this selection including wire rope clips, twist shackles, quick links, welded triangles, corner brackets, pad eyes, eye bolts, shackles and more.

Our Polyfab Pro™ hardware solutions are constructed from high-quality, stainless steel to endure in any demanding outdoor environment. Additionally, they’re engineered with corrosion-free materials to keep them in use for the long-term, even in extreme temperature environments. Please note that, when using this hardware, it is your responsibility to make sure that the finished structure is built in accordance with local building codes. Sailrite can help you create your own structural shade awning, in a three- or four-sided style, to provide the just-right amount of shade and protection for your unique space.

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