Frequently Asked Questions

Fabric Questions

Is your fabric first quality?

Yes. Sailrite® is committed to bringing you only first quality fabrics. However, even first quality fabrics will have a few flaws. For example, Glen Raven (the manufacturer for Sunbrella®, Firesist®, Sur Last®, and SeaMark® fabric) permits up to 6 flaws per roll on their first quality fabric (roughly 1 flaw for every 10 yards of fabric).

In light of this policy, Sailrite will make every effort to avoid sending a flaw with fabric cuts under 5 yards. If longer cuts are required, Sailrite recommends ordering additional fabric to compensate for the occasional flaw. Manufacturer flaw tags can be found on the edge of the fabric so the flaws can be avoided or inconspicuously placed when patterning your projects.

Is fabric shipped in pieces?

We always try our best to send fabric in one continuous piece. If you order more yardage than what is on a factory roll, you will receive one factory roll plus the remaining fabric needed. If for any other reason we cannot ship your order in one piece, we will contact you before shipping your order out. To see how many yards are in a factory roll of a given fabric, look under the Specifications for "Yards Per Roll." Actual "yards per roll" may vary up to 10 yards depending on manufacturer.

How is fabric packaged?

Most fabric orders will be rolled for shipment. If multiple fabrics are ordered, they may be rolled together on a common roll. However, smaller yardage orders may be folded. All upholstery fabric and Sunbrella® Sling orders of 2 yards or fewer will be folded. Fabrics including cotton duck, boat blanket, mosquito netting, patterning material, bag mesh, tramp mesh, pillow protector and shade sail fabric will be folded in small order quantities. This policy is subject to change.

What size are fabric samples?

Most samples are either 6" x 6" or 3" x 12". Samples of striped fabrics are approximately 3" x 12" while pattern and solid fabrics are approximately 6" x 6". Therefore, samples may not show all of the colors or pattern in a fabric. To see full colors and repeats, we suggest ordering a yard of fabric.

How do I order samples?

Click on the fabric you're interested in. Then, if a sample is available, click the "Order Sample" button.

Ultrafeed® Questions

Is the Ultrafeed NAFTA compliant?

No. Ultrafeed Sewing Machines are assembled in the United States; however, due to components from non-NAFTA compliant countries, the machines do not meet the 7% de minimis rule.

Where is the Ultrafeed made?

The Ultrafeed Sewing Machine is built in collaboration between the United States, Taiwan and China. The subassembly of our exclusive, cast-iron machine frame is done in China, while the motors are from Taiwan. The final assembly and tuning of each machine is done in the United States at Sailrite headquarters. Additionally, several critical parts and components for the Ultrafeed are made in the United States exclusively for Sailrite and we hold patents on numerous Ultrafeed features. All content and support are produced and/or provided by Sailrite.

Does Sailrite have sewing machine dealers?

All Sailrite machines are sold by us directly. This helps to keep prices down and also allows us to maintain direct contact with customers who purchase a sewing machine. The Sailrite® Leatherwork® Sewing Machine can also be purchased through Tandy Leather, but it is a Sailrite sewing machine and is fully supported, warrantied and serviced by Sailrite.

Sailrite Kit Questions

Can I customize a Sailrite Kit?

Yes. Sailrite Kits are customizable to adapt to our customers' needs. We understand that many of our customers prefer to add on to bimini or dodger kits or may already have specific tools included in kits. Sailrite is happy to work with any customer for complete satisfaction. Please contact us at info@sailrite.comwith any customized Sailrite Kit questions or additions.

Other Questions

How do I request a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) or additional documentation on a product?

Send an email to and we will send you the requested documentation.

What’s the difference between the “Save for Later” and “Wishlist” icons?

Save for Later: After you’ve put items in your shopping cart, you can click the “Save For Later” icon on any individual item(s) you are not ready to buy yet. When you do this, the item(s) will then move out of your cart to a separate section at the bottom of the cart page so you can purchase them at a later time. You must be logged in to use this feature.

Wishlist: You can create as many different wishlists as you want under your Sailrite account. This allows you to shop for other people and better organize your items. Once on the desired product page, you can click the “Wishlist” icon and add it to any (or multiple) wishlists. From there, they will be saved in your account so you can add them to your cart for purchase at any time. You must be logged in to use this feature.