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Canvasworkers will appreciate this overflowing assortment of snaps and fasteners handpicked by the dedicated team at Sailrite. Whether you’re sewing your own custom boat cover or dodger, a snap fastener will be an integral part of the process. We proudly offer an exceptional selection of DOT®, LOXX® and YKK® SNAD® brand canvas snap fasteners that are specifically designed for canvas use. You can use these snap fasteners for canvas projects of all shapes and sizes. Unsure where to start? Either the DOT or the SnapRite Starter Fastener Kits can be a great way to build up a collection of snap fasteners.

DOT Durable Snap Fasteners are the most common fastener used in marine applications, including boat covers and dodgers. They provide a low-profile design with moderate connection strength and can be installed using basic snap fastener installation tools or the Pres-N-Snap Tool. Ligne 24 snap fasteners can also be installed using the SnapRite® System if using specialty SnapRite buttons with a hole in the center. Don't want to put a hole in your surface for a stud? YKK SNADs offer a strong bonding alternative to drilling and screwing a snap fastener stud into your desired surface. We also carry Lift-the-Dot® Fasteners, which are perfect for securing boat covers and dodgers. This style features a medium-profile construction and offers fantastic shear strength.

We also offer a wide range of LOXX fasteners at Sailrite, including Pull It Up fasteners. These are smartly engineered, self-locking, fast snap fasteners perfect for any situation where a medium profile and high security are required. To quickly fasten pieces of fabric together or to a solid surface, be sure to consider Common Sense™ Twist-Lock Fasteners. This type of fastener is a good choice for holding covers and enclosures in place and is designed specifically for wet environments. For more in-depth information on the different types of snap fasteners we carry here at Sailrite, be sure to reference our Fastener Selection Guide.

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