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Sailrite® offers a large selection of top-quality grommets to assist with all your big craft projects, from simple yet durable plastic snap grommets for DIY shower curtains to high-quality brass grommets that are appropriate for marine and outdoor applications. We carry spur grommets, eyelets and snap grommets to help you thread line, cabling and more. Pick up low-cost light-duty grommets for making pennants and other lightweight crafts or invest in super-strong large metal grommets that can be employed in sailmaking and canvaswork. We also have easy-to-install curtain grommets for any and all drapery-making applications.

Grommets are not only helpful for making your own curtains and window treatments, but they’re also an essential tool for making sails, awnings and flags. We have a large selection of marine-grade awnings made from long-lasting materials like stainless steel and brass to handle heavy loads and endure in the face of the elements. If you need a grommet for a higher load, such as when you’re sewing the corners large canvas pieces or sails, you can use an eyelet grommet. These types of grommets feature an extra brass ring to sure up the strength of the assembly. Although not as strong as sewn rings, spur grommets are also a quick-install option for heavier applications.

For situations where you need a relatively light hold, you can use standard grommets with a two-piece design for holding fabric together. These types of grommets provide fast installation but require a special setting die. At Sailrite, you’ll find handy grommet kits that include multiple plain grommets plus a grommet punch or grommet die to make installation even simpler. These kits are ideal for those who don’t work with grommets very often and need low-cost installation tools. Make sure to explore our grommet selection guides for more in-depth information.

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#2 Spur Grommet 3/8" (Brass)
1 - 11$4.05/PK12
12 +$3.65/PK12
#2 Spur Grommet 3/8" (Stainless Steel)
1 - 11$12.80/PK12
12 +$11.52/PK12
#2 Spur Grommet 3/8" (Nickel-Plated Brass)
1 - 11$4.45/PK12
12 +$4.01/PK12
#5 Spur Grommet 5/8" (Nickel-Plated Brass)
1 - 11$9.40/PK12
12 +$8.46/PK12
#4 Spur Grommet 1/2" (Nickel-Plated Brass)
1 - 11$7.10/PK12
12 +$6.39/PK12
#3 Spur Grommet 7/16" (Nickel-Plated Brass)
1 - 11$5.35/PK12
12 +$4.82/PK12