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Sailmakers and sailors know that battens are an essential part of a sail’s construction. These long, thin strips are designed to support the roach of the sail. Sailrite® has a large assortment of sail battens that you can use in new sail construction and repairs. We highly recommend inspecting every batten in your mainsail each season to ensure that everything’s in seaworthy shape and won’t cause damage.

In our stock you’ll find many great options of durable battens, including RBS E-Glass and Recmar Plastream battens. RBS E-Glass Battens are made from pre-tensioned glass fibers in a flexible epoxy-resin mix to provide exceptional durability. Available in several sizes from Sailrite, these options can be used on leech or partial batten sails because they feature a soft tip that allows them to conform to the unique sail shape without creating a hard spot where the front of the batten terminates in the pocket. Recmar Plastream sail battens are made from an unbreakable, non-tapered plastic that is easy to cut and file to the perfect size.

We also have many batten end clips and caps in this selection, which are specifically designed to protect your sails from fiberglass sail batten ends. They will fit tightly over the batten’s end to provide secure protection, even in the wind. Shop our various sizes available to accommodate flat battens of various widths. Sailrite is the best place to start if you’re looking for batten repair resources. Reference all of our batten projects and tips for more information.

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Batten End Caps 5/8"
Pultruded Sail Batten Material 1"
Pultruded Sail Batten Material 5/8"
RBS Tapered E-Glass Sail Battens
Batten End Caps 1"
Recmar Plastream Sail Battens