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If you’re looking for a way to make raising and lowering your mainsail a breeze, then you might want to look into installing sail slugs or slides on your sail. These small but mighty components allow the sail to move easily inside the track and stack on the boom in the mast slot. Not only does this help prevent the sail from catching wind and coming out of the bottom of the mast slot, but it also helps reduce wear and tear on your sail. Sailrite® knows that finding the right sail slide or slug can be a difficult task, but we’re on hand to help you find the right parts to install one from scratch or to perform a simple sail slide repair.

This selection includes external sail slides, internal sail slides, and slugs to help you complete the job. Slugs are small barrels, often made of nylon that are secured ahead of the boltrope and then inserted into a slot on the mast instead of the rope. Slides are similar but feature a small, T-shaped design to allow for easy installation in a mast slot. External slides attach to a track on the outside of the mast. One thing to note is that if you need to replace parts but can’t find the proper match, you will really need to replace all of the components. This is because your sail won’t function properly if the hardware has a different amount of space between it and the sail.

Choosing the appropriate slug and slide really comes down to sizing and personal preference. When sizing, the primary goal is to ensure that your slugs and slides properly fit the mainsail slot on your boat. Once you’ve determined the appropriate sizing, you can pick styles that help you maximize sail performance. For example, if your sail has full battens, you’ll want to choose a style that that will help distribute batten pressure in order to prevent jamming. In such cases, we recommend the AllSlip or Ronstan slugs. For more information, be sure to reference Sailrite’s guide to Selecting Slugs, Slides and Shackles.

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