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Find the toughest and most practical rope for your next big sailing adventure at Sailrite®. Our discerning team of marine enthusiasts has handpicked an excellent assortment of high-quality marine rope for all of your most demanding onboard jobs, including single-braid, double-braid, three-strand and Sta-Set rope. As you know, not all rope is created equal, so you’ll want to choose a style that’s appropriate for your specific needs. We’ve put together an in-depth Rope Selection Recommendation Guide to help you find the best rope for your particular sail, boat and working load. Sailrite is always on hand to ensure that you’re matched with the best possible rope for the job on deck.

Sailrite is a proud supplier of top-quality New England Ropes cordage. For over 50 years, New England Ropes has been the leading manufacturer of high-tech rope. Each of their lines is made with quality and care in New England and tested in some of the world’s most notoriously harsh conditions to ensure that it’ll perform well in your particularly tough environments. We have best-selling New England Sta-Set Braided Rope that is preferred in a broad range of sail applications and is often recommended as a smart replacement for wire halyards if you’re looking to lighten up your rig with something that’s easier to handle.

Sailrite also provides the popular New England Ropes Spyderline cordage, a top-seller for One Design and dingy boat racers. This ultra-strong yet lightweight rope makes the ideal all-purpose dinghy line and is made with performance-grade materials for advanced control and handling. You can easily narrow down your marine cordage needs by material type at, as we offer high-performance rope made of Dyneema®, nylon, polypropylene and polyester. For more information on fiber choices and the benefits of each material, you can reference this in-depth article on choosing the right rope for your boat.

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