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Ideal for luff reinforcement in headsails, lifelines, hanging canopies, architectural applications and more, wire rope is a handy helper aboard any ship, whether it’s a mammoth 150-foot yacht or an adept keelboat. Sailrite®
 always offers high-quality wire rope made from marine-grade 316 stainless steel for excellent abrasion-resistance and long-term durability. We also offer exceptionally long-lasting PVC-coated stainless steel wire rope for even more strength. These ropes come in several widths to match your unique needs. Sailrite is happy to sell wire rope by the foot to ensure that you get only the amount needed for your specific job.

Sailrite.com only offers premium-quality, durable wire for use in demanding marine applications. Choose from a variety of stainless steel wire rope options featuring high-performance materials that offer maximum corrosion resistance and long-term resilience. Choosing which type of wire is best for your unique needs depends on the applications on hand and the size of your boat. We recommend pairing the thickness of your wire with your specific boat size. For example, our 3/32-inch rope should only be used on boats under 20 feet, whereas our thicker 1/8-inch rope can be employed on larger vessels with heavier loads.

In addition to standard stainless steel rope, Sailrite also carries high-quality PVC-coated vinyl that’s especially useful in oceanfront marine applications such as lifelines. In fact, these lines are recommended for use with the Suncor® Quick Attach Lifeline Kits. Creating DIY lifelines is a breeze with this kit and our PVC-coated stainless steel wire. The special wire coating gives the stainless steel a much higher resistance to corrosion, so you’ll want to choose one of these options for most long-term applications. They’re also designed to prevent sailcloth discoloration and allow you to secure the sail to the luff reinforcement with a sticking stitch.

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