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Made in the U.S. by Seaman Corporation, Shelter-Rite® is an architectural fabric that’s known for its outstanding performance and durability in many structures. This commercial-grade fabric is often implemented in large-scale air-supported structures, tensile structures and pre-engineered frame structures — think of expansive, exterior shade sails and awnings — but our customers often prefer it for applications like heavy-duty protective covers, trampoline edges, tents, tailgate curtains, industrial tarps, heavy-duty bags, hurricane shutters and gym mat covers. If you’ve got a heavy-duty sewing project on deck, Shelter-Rite is a great choice.

Shelter-Rite fabrics are engineered with a unique weft-inserted knit fabric that results in high tensile strength and tear resistance. The fabric is then finished with Shelter-Rite’s proprietary coating that makes it highly resistant to UV rays and mildew. This waterproof vinyl-coated polyester fabric is unbelievably durable while also offering great flexibility. The high adhesion, high tear strength and exceptional weather resistance promise a long life of performance regardless of the environment or demands. Shelter-Rite fabric is also great as chafe protection and can be used to protect and reinforce worn or stressed areas.

Sailrite® stocks Shelter-Rite fabric by the yard, in options ranging from the popular crisp white that’s favored for structural and tarp applications to colorful royal blue for making heavy-duty bags and more. Sailrite often recommends Shelter-Rite as a top-choice option for DIY tarps, because it is a relatively heavyweight polyester with good water and abrasion resistance. The material does not allow for much breathability, so that’s something to take into consideration if you’re crafting tarps and covers for materials that require some level of airflow. The Sailrite team is always available to help you find the appropriate fabric for your needs if you contact us.

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