Cushion Underlining

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Add extra drainage to your outdoor cushions with a cushion underlining fabric from Sailrite®. We offer a variety of marine-grade cushion underlining to help give your patio furniture, boat cushions or even home décor cushions a little extra function. This type of fabric is made of lightweight vinyl-coated polyester fabric and is used on the bottom side of cushions, seats and upholstery. The airy, mesh fabric allows for water drainage and air circulation, which helps to resist rot and mildew. Some of our cushion underlining material is treated with antimicrobial protection to help prevent the growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria and mold.

Traditional cushion underlining fabric is made to have a slightly tacky texture, which is helpful to prevent your cushions from sliding on smooth surfaces. Cushion underlining fabric also has a very affordable price point, so using this fabric on the underside of your cushions can be a great money-saver. These are both great reasons to consider using cushion underlining indoors, too, even when breathability or water draining isn’t an issue.

Our selection of cushion underlining also includes Phifertex® vinyl mesh fabric, which given its wide weave and relatively affordable price point is a great choice for this application, especially in marine applications. Phifertex vinyl mesh is woven from 100% vinyl-coated polyester and offers exceptional dimensional stability and flexibility in all climates. We also offer Phifertex® Plus vinyl mesh at Sailrite, which is particularly ideal for situations where you desire a tighter weave, such as in window covering applications. Phifertex vinyl mesh fabric can also be used for making boat enclosures, heat-filtering structural awnings, RV and yacht window covers, placemats and water-draining bags. Make sure to explore all of our marine fabric for more.

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