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Marine Canvas Fabric

299 Products

As a leader in marine sewing, Sailrite® is proud to offer the world’s best selection of top-quality boat canvas. Our team is committed to offering water-resistant marine canvas that’s built to last, with properties that make it resistant to UV damage, rot, mildew, mold and other environmental factors. With the help of Sailrite, you can create your own custom boat covers, biminis, dodgers, sail bags and so much more for a great price. We offer top-of-the-line marine canvas by Sunbrella®, Top Gun®, SeaMark®, Sur-Last®, Odyssey® and more. Browse our complete selection and order samples if you’d like to see, feel and compare our marine canvas in person.

So, which canvas is best for you? That all depends. Most of our marine-grade canvas is made from polyester, either spun or woven, with a handful of vinyl-laminated options. All of our marine canvas fabrics will provide excellent water and abrasion resistance, while certain lines of fabric are more colorfast and breathable than others. For an in-depth comparison, you can reference our Outdoor Fabric Selection Guide. Sunbrella Marine Grade Fabric is largely considered the industry standard cover cloth in the boating industry, due to its excellent colorfastness and UV resistance, even in tropical locations. This shrink- and stretch-free canvas material is highly resistant to fading, UV damage, water and mildew.

You’ll also find many colors of Top Gun marine fabric at Sailrite. This high-performance marine canvas is highly resistant to UV damage, abrasion and water. Top Gun is an acrylic-coated fabric woven from 100% polyester and features a proprietary coating process that makes it completely reversible. SeaMark is also a great option for waterproof canvas projects. This material is less breathable than some other styles, but is impressive in its colorfastness and water resistance. If you’re new to canvas sewing, we recommend investing in some useful canvasworking tools, such as the Sailrite® Edge Hotknife and the Speedy Stitcher® Sewing Awl.

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