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Sailrite® is a second-generation, family-owned business that got its start selling sailmaking materials and instructions to amateur sailmakers. Now, over 50 years later, we’re one of the industry’s most trusted DIY sail resources, and we’re happy to offer a full suite of high-performance sailcloth that you can use to make your own sails, spinnakers, sacrificial sun covers, spreader patches, sailcloth curtains, logos and more. Our selection of sail material is truly unrivaled, with Dacron®, Insignia and Ripstop nylon options available. Sailmaking is our passion, and we have everything you need to get started.

We offer a large variety of Dacron sailcloth for the discerning sailor looking for a top-quality option. Dacron is DuPont’s trade name for polyester fiber and is known for its lightweight, medium-firm feel and excellent tear strength. We recommend Contender Supercruise Dacron Sailcloth, an all-purpose Dacron material, for a wide range of boats. A variety of weights are available from 4.4 oz. for smaller sailboats, windsurfers and dinghies all the way to 10.4 oz. perfect for cruising vessels. We also offer Ripstop nylon sailcloth (Ripstop spinnaker cloth) featuring a tight construction impregnated with a durable, melamine finish for high strength and low porosity. Many of Sailrite’s sail kits use patterned, precut Dacron for excellent performance.

Make custom insignia for your sails with adhesive-backed Insignia material. Perfect for DIY sail numbers and more, this adhesive-backed, residue-free polyester is inherently UV resistant and easy to use. It also doubles as an economical repair tape. Insignia material can also be used to sacrificial sun covers on furling sails, but it doesn’t last as long as acrylic. All of our sailcloth for sail by the yard is available in several weights in a variety of eye-catching, bright colors. To ensure that you get just the right amount of sailcloth for the job, you can use our handy Sail Yardage Calculation Chart.

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