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Twine is an essential supply for sailmaking, canvaswork and other crafting applications. This strong thread gets its durability from its makeup, which is typically two or more types of thread twisted together. In sailmaking and marine applications, twine is used for marine hand sewing and whipping the ends of lines. Sailrite® has a huge variety of twine options to perfectly suit your next big DIY project.

We have waxed twine in both round and flat construction as well as a wax cup for applying wax to traditional twine. Waxed twine is ideal for hand sewing and outdoor applications where you need to be able to make nets, knots and lashes without chafing. Well-waxed twine gives the material extra weather-resistance, so it’s essential for use in all-weather applications like sailmaking and canvaswork. If you want a closer stitch that’s less likely to chafe away, we recommend choosing flat, waxed twine versus round, waxed twine. If you have a stock of regular twine that you want to wax, you can purchase affordable twine wax that’s easy to apply.

Sailrite stocks a selection of high-quality whipping twine that’s particularly appropriate for whipping line ends, including polyester whipping twine that comes in brown, blue and red to suit your desired aesthetic. Here you’ll also find coarse thread for use with the Speedy Stitcher® Sewing Awl, including pre-wound replacement bobbins. This low-priced course waxed thread works well with your awl, especially when you’re working with canvas and leather. Sailrite has nearly 50 years of experience in sewing supplies, so we’re well equipped to help you make the appropriate twine purchase.

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