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Create the perfect closure for your next big project with YKK® zippers from Sailrite®. We offer a broad selection of zippers, including marine-grade zippers that can be used for a variety of indoor and outdoor projects. Our customers often use our YKK marine zippers for creating boat covers, sail bags, boat pillows, roll-up windows for dodgers and much more. We also have YKK metal zippers that are great for sewing bags, pouches, cushions and other indoor projects. Shop finished zippers, continuous zippers, coil zippers, YKK VISLON® zippers, metal zippers, locking zippers and non-locking zippers in this selection.

Sailrite offers both finished and continuous zippers by YKK. What’s the difference? Finished zippers (also known as jacket-style zippers) come apart completely and can only be cut on one side, whereas continuous zippers (also known as chain zippers) offer a continuous length that can be cut to any size. You should use a continuous zipper for projects such as tents, bags and pillows. Watch this video for more information on these two zipper types and to decide which option is best for your next big job. We have zippers in many standard sizes at Sailrite, including #4.5, #5 and #10 zippers in coil and VISLON zipper teeth options. We offer size #15 zippers in a continuous chain with a non-locking pull.

You may also prefer locking zippers versus non-locking zippers depending on the job. Locking zippers have a small lock mechanism in the slider that keeps it in place, preventing the slider from moving on its own. Non-locking zippers allow the zipper to separate by pulling on any part of the zipper slider or even by pulling the zipper teeth apart. This is useful for applications where you want to be able to quickly separate the zipper, like on a genoa sleeve. If you need assistance with choosing the right zipper, you can reference this guide written by the expert DIY team at Sailrite. And you can always contact us with your questions regarding sewing supplies, zippers and notions.

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