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Set sail free of worries when you stock your boat’s emergency kit with top-quality maintenance and repair tapes from Sailrite®. We have a wide variety of specialty tapes that can be used to repair Dacron®, Ripstop, vinyl, canvas, rubber, plastic and more. These tapes are especially useful if you want to be able to quickly repair sails while you’re in the middle of a voyage, including your Dacron and Ripstop sailcloth. Please note that most of these tapes are designed for temporary, emergency repairs. You should always keep a Sail and Canvas Repair Kit on board for more permanent patching.

Looking for the best sail repair tape? Sailrite has got you covered. You want to choose a specialty sail tape that’s designed for your unique sailcloth. Check out our affordable Dacron repair tape if you’re working with Dacron sails or keep some Ripstop repair tape handy for your Ripstop sailcloth. These affordable adhesive-backed sail tapes are also appropriate for use on your Dacron or Ripstop UV sun covers, spreader patches and boltrope sleeve repairs. Ripstop Repair Tape even comes in several colors to match your sails. Additionally, we offer self-bonding rigging tape designed to protect sails from chafing and sharp protrusions.

Sailcloth also stocks high-tech polyester scrim laminate repair tape that’s well suited for repairing laminate racing sails. For multipurpose repairs, we recommend keeping a Tear-Aid® Fabric Repair Kit in the cabin at all times. Use it to repair awnings, boat covers, umbrellas, wetsuits, tents, backpacks, nylon sails and more. This kit includes clear, adhesive-backed patches that you can use to mend holes and tears in canvas, nylon, rubber, plastic and other materials. The patches conform for irregular surfaces and are UV resistant to inhibit discoloring. What’s more, they’re durable, flexible and puncture-resistant for long-term performance.

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