This #2 grommet hole cutter cuts 3/8-inch holes in fabric for the installation of plain washer and spur grommets. The round design of this hole cutter makes the tool more secure in your hand than other designs and helps drive the force straight down through the fabric for clean cuts every time. Use the Rubber Cutting Block, soft wood surface or a phone book under the fabric to prevent damage to the tool.

For plain washer grommets, order the same size hole cutter as the grommet, (e.g. #2 hole cutter for a #2 grommet). The hole cut will be slightly smaller than the barrel of the grommet, just push the barrel of the grommet through the cloth. And for spur grommets, the same size will work as well, but it's a tight fit.


Sale Unit: EA
Brand: C.S. Osborne
Size: 3/8"


Fabric Hole Cutter Demo


Overall Rating : 4.4 10 Reviews

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0 Reviews
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Elizabeth Joyal
Verified Purchase

Worth the $

Adrian Batterman
Verified Purchase

Worked great

William Aherne
Verified Purchase

Very sharp

Richard Marshall
Verified Purchase

Cuts clean

Charles Gibbins
Verified Purchase

Great investment

The right tool for the job

Verified Purchase

Worked well

Brian Peterson
Verified Purchase

This spring I switched out my roller furler (it was 25 years old) and elected to add hanks to my foresail instead. A local sail shop was willing to do it but at a cost and considerable delay. Preferring the DIY route by nature I began looking around for options. Note - other sailors advised against DIY for various reasons. Before making a final decision, I called Sailrite and spoke to the resident sailmaker. He was so helpful - most productive 10 minutes of the spring sailboat prep process. Based on his recommendations I ordered hanks and grommets and the die set spur and hole cutter from Sailrite. Job took about an hour and saved me well over $125 vs quote from sail loft. On a scale of 1-10 I would rate my experience somewhere in the 20's. Sailrite is a first class company. I highly recommend them. They will be my first call on all future projects. Also, the how to videos are excellent!

Eric D
Verified Purchase

Cut holes with ease

Carter Smith
Verified Purchase

Had to tap a few times but worked well

Paula Blackwell
Verified Purchase

The cutter was very dull. We had to have it sharpened to use it. It wouldn't cut through material much less vinyl. I even tried it on cotton material and no good. Now that its been sharpened it works great. Should not have to sharpen something like that when its bran new.

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